News on DH & The Hart Foundation, New WWE Gimmick, More

– Prospective WWE wrestlers DH Smith and TJ Wilson stopped teaming up together at Florida Championship Wrestling shows a few weeks ago. For the past few weeks they’ve been competing in separate matches. They’re apparently doing a break-up angle on FCW television to explain the sudden change as Wilson won a match due to Smith’s help at last Thursday’s television taping, but got angry afterwards for helping him cheat. Also, Smith is no longer wearing the pink & black “Hart Foundation” attire, and has since gone back to his red & blue outfit.

As noted here before, for several weeks there was talk of calling up DH Smith and TJ Wilson (with Natalya as their manager) to SmackDown as The New Hart Foundation, but those plans have been called off. A few weeks ago, Smith went to the creative team and pitched the idea that be brought on board as part of Randy Orton’s Legacy faction. Smith is set to debut in The Legacy any week now. Many backstage feel Smith was wrong to turn on Natalya as well as Wilson — his best friend since childhood — in order to get a bigger push on the bigger stage.

– As noted before, “Silverback” Ryan Reeves has started up in WWE developmental again and is going under the name “Ryback,” which is a “Terminator-like” persona he devised in Ohio Valley Wrestling that doesn’t really sell his opponent’s moves. He was released from his developmental contract two years ago during a talent purge. He eventually went back to Ohio Valley Wrestling and WWE offered him his developmental contract back following a tryout last fall.

– On Fox yesterday during the NFL conference game coverage, analyst Howie Long compared the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Baltimore Ravens to the hard hitting nature of “The WWF.” Also, on the latest episode of “Everybody Hates Chris” on The CW, the storyline revolved around Chris trying to earn a Varsity letter on his school’s wrestling team. The show is set in 1980s, so his father said he can “be the next Iron Sheik.”