More Details on the Orton Incident, Candice Turning Heel?

– From a fan who attended Saturday night’s RAW live event in La Crosse, WI: Randy Orton got a little heated with a fan in the front row. I was in the second row with my nephew and Orton had some very harsh and vulgar things to say to this male fan. Too explicit to write here. He also literally ran at the fan and pushed the guard rail into the fans legs, grabbed his hat as he was nose to nose with the fan and threw it. The WWE security guy had to go over and separate the 2 and asked the fan if he was OK from the guard rail hit. I wasn’t able to hear what the fan said, but he never got out of his seat, and whatever it was it really set Randy off. I’ve been to many, many live and televised events, and I know what heat is all about, this wasn’t that. This was something serious and Orton was genuinely pissed off.

– Candice Michelle wrestled Melina in a singles match at the RAW show in Madison, WI last night. Candice played the heel role in her home state all the way to the back and tried to get a cheap win over on Melina before losing. They did an angle where Candice faked an injury until the referee called for EMT’s from the back. Melina went to check on Candice and she tried rolling her up for the win. We haven’t heard if WWE plans on turning her heel or not, but having her play the heel in her home state is odd and she’s sporting a new look these days.