SPOILERS: ECW On Sci-Fi Tapings (1/20)

– WWE is taping this week’s edition of ECW at the Allstate Arena in Chicago, Illinois. Special thanks to readers Frank The Clown and Lawrence for sending live text-message updates.

* The taping kicks off with an opening video featuring celebrities. The 2008 Presidential candidates are shown.

Dark Match:
* Dolph Ziggler b. Jamie Noble
– Dolph Ziggler got the win via pinfall. Solid dark match to get the crowd going.

ECW On Sci-Fi: (Airing Tomorrow)
* ECW begins with Todd Grisham in the ring interviewing Matt Hardy. Todd talks about what a rough week that it has been for the Hardy family. He references the Jeff Hardy “pyro incident” from SmackDown and it is revealed that Jeff is at home with first degree “burns”. Matt Hardy goes on to talk about dropping the ECW Championship to Jack Swagger on last week’s show. ECW Champion Jack Swagger comes to the ring.

Swagger and Hardy have a short in-ring confrontation and talk about their match this Sunday at Royal Rumble. Matt ends up hitting Swagger as the fight spills out of the ring. Referees come out to break up the melee.

* Announced for later tonight, The Miz, John Morrison, Finlay, and Mark Henry in a Fatal Four-Way match.

* Ricky Ortiz b. local wrestler Adam Evans
– Ortiz won in a quick squash with a splash. Ortiz got on the microphone and thanked the Chicago fans for their support and told them to rally up.

* A replay of the Tommy Dreamer segment from last week is shown.

* Backstage with Tommy Dreamer and Theodore Long, Paul Burchill bursts in and demands a rematch with DJ Gabriel. Teddy says that he’ll give Burchill a match with someone of his choosing up next.

* Paul Burchill and Katie Lea come out to ringside. His opponent is The Boogeyman. Paul Burchill vs. The Boogeyman is stopped when Katie Lea interferes. Boogeyman tries to feed Katie Lea worms but Burchill pulls her from the ring just in time. They changed the ring apron after the match.

* John Morrison b. The Miz, Finlay, and Mark Henry in a Fatal Four-Way match.
– Morrison pinned The Miz to get the victory. Hornswoggle got involved as he hit a tadpole splash at one point. Henry left before the match was over.