Linda’s Thoughts – SD Was A Blast(Get It?)

I wish I could say that Friday’s Smackdown was as good as last week’s show, but it wasn’t. However it wasn’t a bad show either. The show WAS good, but there were some slow moments during the show. I have to say Raw was the show of the week. I think it would have been hard to top Monday’s show. I think Smackdown did a decent job building towards the Royal Rumble, and all in all I was pleased with what I was watching. There really wasn’t anything bad about the show; there were just some segments that I liked more than other segments. Okay so let me get started.

Triple H and Vickie opened up the show like they did a few weeks ago. I thought this opener was good, but not as good as what we got two weeks ago. Without a doubt Vickie carried this segment with her mic work and her actions. Triple H was funny and I knew he wasn’t sincerely apologizing to Vickie, but it was Vickie that I got a kick out of. I think they could have made Vickie’s “nude” pictures a lot more humorous, but all in all I’m still enjoying watching these two go at it. I don’t know how much more these two will continue to be at war with each other, but so far the storyline hasn’t gotten old for me, I’m ready for more.

Okay the first match was Jack Swagger and Mark Henry vs. Mat Hardy and Finlay. This was one of the best of the night. I was a little shocked by all much action we got here. I have to be honest with you the Swagger title reign I’m not into right now because I don’t think he’s proven himself yet, and although Henry has been really good since he was moved to ECW, you know I don’t see him as moving fast, but last night he proved me wrong. This was a fun match and as I said one of the top matches on Smackdown. The backstage segment with Edge, Vickie, Big Show and Chavo was good. Chavo has become the gopher just like Triple H said weeks ago, and now he seems to be the Big Show’s number one fan. I like the tension that’s going on between Show and Edge and I’m not sure if anything will come out of it, but this segment did what it needed to do. It put the focus on Edge dealing with Jeff Hardy and Big Show beating MVP to knock Triple H out of the Royal Rumble. And Show focusing on how he would win the Rumble and go after Edge for the title. So not a bad segment at all.
I loved MVP Friday night. I like the storyline with Vickie continuing to punish Triple H by pulling him out of the Rumble should Big Show beat MVP. I mean here’s a guy that hasn’t won a match in close to 6 months, and now he has to beat Big Show in order for Hunter to stay in the Rumble. The locker room segment with MVP and Triple H was a riot. I liked it when MVP told H that he had everything under control, but Hunter wasn’t buying into that. And instead of getting a DX Triple H we got Triple H the bad ass. He’s talking to a guy with a losing streak longer than his nose, and yes I said that, and now he has to worry about losing that Rumble spot. These two interacted very well.

You know a few weeks ago there was a big rumor going around that there many backstage are unhappy with R. Truth. That in the ring he doesn’t show much as far as wrestling moves go. And let’s face it we haven’t seen him too much, but Friday I have to say he looked pretty damn good to me in his match against The Brian Kendrick. I was very happy watching this match, and I’m curious to see if we get more of Truth on a weekly basis or if this match was a fluke. I say give this guy some more time before they decide they don’t want to push him anymore. Kendrick and Truth complimented each other very well.

Listen I happened to like the MVP vs. Big Show match. This was another match where Big Show just did what he needed to do and hardly broke a sweat. And just like last week Big Show made it look so easy. He had that big smile on his face each time he did some damage to MVP. The match was good and MVP GOT THE WIN. Hey it’s about time. The interference by Triple H giving the win to MVP made plenty of sense to me. You have a guy that is on pins and needles wondering if MVP can pull this match out, and since there’s a chance that MVP will lose, why not assist him and give him a much needed win? This was a damn good match from beginning to end.

But my match of the might my surprise you. I’m giving the honors to Victoria’s match against Michelle McCool. Victoria really brought the very best out in McCool. In fact I don’t think Michelle ever performed as well as she did Friday night. Victoria’s last match was outstanding and my only complaint about this was that she didn’t leave with a win. I guess it shouldn’t shock me because this woman has been on the bottom of the ladder for years. I think it’s safe to say that Victoria just about had it all, but unfortunately McMahon didn’t see it that way. I think she wasn’t HOT enough for him, and as the years went on she got older and Vince lost interest in her. She worked her ass off in this match and along with McCool we got a 5 star match. I’m going to miss Victoria, but to be honest with you I would say in the last few years I expected WWE to dump her.  I’m really surprised she lasted as long as she did. She’s a hell of a talent.

And finally I loved the ending with The Cutting Edge and Jeff Hardy’s pyro going all over the place. Listen I think this storyline is being played out very well. Jeff looked like he was in dire pain and to make it even more dramatic you had some fans in the arena watching in horror as Hardy rolled around holding his face. You got to love the fans. I liked having Yang, Helms and R.Truth coming out showing their concern, and of course Matt Hardy’s appearance put the icing on the cake.  Oh and how could I forget Vickie? Vickie made her way out to the ramp and just stood there. This was pardon the pun a very explosive way to end the show.

So a good show, just not a Great show. There were definitely some very hot segments and now it’s on to Raw. And I will be there tomorrow night, and I’m so damn excited about this show. I will let you all know how it came off live and I hope it’s a much better Raw then the one we went too the night after Summer Slam. Look for my column Tuesday or Wednesday.

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