JR Blog: WWE Hall of Fame Talk, Natalya Neidhart and More

Jim Ross is back with another blog update over at jrsbarbq.com. As usual, here are some of the highlights:

– Will the WWE ever do a Reality TV Show has been asked here recently also. I have no idea is the answer. However, if the WWE could manage and vet the production of such a show I could theoretically see it happening as it give the brand more exposure and might help embellish existing stars or create new stars. I know of nothing on the “drawing board” but reality TV is cheap to produce and seems to be the current trend on many TV networks.

– Some want to know why the WWE doesn’t do DVD’s from the Memphis or Mid South Wrestling territories. Simple reason is that the WWE doesn’t own the libraries. The Memphis video library situation is a mess which is really too bad as they had some great weekly TV shows for years and years but unless someone cares enough about organizing this library it is likely fans will ever see that period of wrestling be shared with today’s fans. Mid South is owned by Bill Watts’ ex-wife and she has not demonstrated an interest in selling the library as best I know but I am not nor do I want to be involved in that negotiation which I assume is dormant at this time.

– Way too much is being made about who presents who in the WWE Hall of Fame. I think some fans are losing sight that the Hall of Fame is about those that are being inducted and not those that are presenting them. For example, this is Steve Austin’s well earned and deserved night in Houston on April 4 and not the presenter’s. This goes for any one who is presenting a Hall of Fame inductee. Good grief, does it really matter who does a 2 minute or so intro as long as it is the person the inductee wants to represent them? Let’s stop the pain, as Michael Cole would say.

– I receive many questions from Natalya fans asking about her future. I don’t have a crystal ball but I feel that Natalya hasn’t scratched the surface of her potential in the WWE and her best days are yet to come. She is fundamentally sound and has a great gift of gab which is a good thing for a talent in wrestling today. I could see her being the Diva or WWE Womens Champion very easily in the future. She’s one of my favorites so I hope that I’m not jinxing her.