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MVP’s Losing Streak Finally Ends, McCool Update, HOF, More

Posted by Marc Middleton in WWE News
Saturday, January 17th, 2009

– In ’s latest blog on the WWE Universe site, she says she feels honored to have been the final opponent of former WWE Women’s champion Victoria, who announced her retirement from WWE following the match.

“Like I told you (if you are reading this Victoria) last night, I am honored to have had your last match with you and can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done for not only this company, but me!,” McCool wrote.

McCool believes Victoria left a good impression on everyone she came in contact with, not to mention that she can’t do justice to the positive impact she had on her during their time together in the company.

“Though we’ve had our differences on tv, she is someone very special to me,” McCool said. “For me, she’s been someone to laugh with, someone to cry with, someone to drive with, someone to look up to professionally, someone to look up to personally, someone to be stupid with.”

McCool then goes back “into character” (which she acknowledges herself with the “Outside the ropes” & “Inside the ropes” references) by calling out WWE Divas Champion as well as SmackDown announcer .

On Maryse, McCool wrote, “Sure, Maryse is the Divas Champion, but I find it no coincidence that she supposedly got “hurt” the week after she stole my title. It’s funny how I didn’t notice her limping around last week when I saw her.”

Regarding Jim Ross, she is upset that he said her and Maryse look and act alike on commentary during her match with Victoria last night. “Other than the blonde hair, there are ZERO similarities and I mean ZERO!!!!,” McCool wrote. “I was going to confront him next week because of how irate I was until I read his latest blog here on wwe universe. In his blog, he said one of the smartest things (and what should be obvious to most) he has ever said. And I quote…. “It’s just Michelle McCool’s world and the rest of us are living in it!” He is absolutely right! So JR….I wholeheartedly forgive you for the comparisons you made between Frenchie and me!”

’s 22-match losing streak was finally snapped on last night’s edition of Friday Night SmackDown after could not answer the 10-count in their “Last Man Standing Match.” This was ’s first match victory in nearly five months. Prior to last night’s win, his last victory took place on the August 22, 2008 edition of SmackDown in a count out win over Festus. Here is a timeline of his losing streak:

08-29 SmackDown – Pinfall loss to .
09-05 SmackDown – Pinfall loss to .
09-07 – Pinned twice; by Jeff Hardy, and by at the conclusion of the match.
09-12 SmackDown – Lost Fatal Four Way Match to Jeff Hardy when The was pinned.
09-19 SmackDown – Pinfall loss to Triple H.
09-26 SmackDown – Pinfall loss to Triple H in tag match vs. Triple H & Jeff Hardy.
10-03 SmackDown – Pinfall loss to Jeff Hardy in All Star Eight-Man Tag Team Match.
10-10 SmackDown – Pinfall loss to Jeff Hardy.
10-17 SmackDown – Pinfall loss to .
10-24 SmackDown – Pinfall loss to in tag match vs. R-Truth & .
10-31 SmackDown – Pinfall loss to Jeff Hardy in a 6-man tag match vs the Hardys and .
11-03 Raw – Pinfall loss to in a tag match vs the Hardys.
11-07 SmackDown – Pinfall loss to .
11-14 SmackDown – Pinfall loss to Kung Fu Naki.
11-21 SmackDown – Pinfall loss to James Mason.
11-23 – Pinfall loss to The Great Khali. Also pinned during the match.
12-02 ECW – Pinfall loss to Matt Hardy
12-05 SmackDown – Pinfall loss to Hurricane Helms.
12-08 Raw – Pinfall loss to MVC (Most Valuable Charlie).
12-12 SmackDown – Pinfall loss to R-Truth.
12-26 SmackDown – Pinfall loss to The Great Khali.
01-02 Smackdown – Pinfall loss to Kizarny.
01-16 Smackdown – Victory over Big Show. (Last Man Standing Match)

– Tickets for the WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony at the Toyota Center officially went on sale today. Tickets sold pretty well as the only seats still available are in the rafters.


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