JR Speaks On Whether Austin Will Wrestle Again, Inducted By Flair?

Jim Ross was appeared on Houston radio station 94.5 the Buzz this morning to promote Hall of Fame tickets going on sale this weekend. Ross said Mr. McMahon’s return to RAW on Monday will be a “real trainwreck with him and his daughter vying for power.”

When asked whether Stone Cold Steve Austin will ever wrestle again, Ross said Austin is officially retired and will not wrestle another match because the risk of paralysis is too great. The Hall of Fame induction will be the “official closure of his career” and he will not wrestle again.

When asked who will induct Austin, Ross said, “I don’t know who’s going to induct him.  I heard Ric Flair. I would be up for it. If he wants someone else to do it, I’m fine, I’m his good pal.”