No RAW on Christmas Day 2009, Styles Update, Miller, More

– Added to March’s Hardcore Reunion convention in Allentown, PA are the final ECW Tag Team Champions in Danny Doring & Roadkill and Joey Styles. Yep, Joey Styles making a rare convention appearance.

– The Atlanta Journal-Constitution featured an article on former WWE and WCW Star Ernest Miller, noting his appearance towards the end of “The Wrestler” may open the doors for additional film and screen roles. Interesting to note the article says Miller flew himself to Los Angeles on his own dime to appear in the film, but his scenes were all shot in New Jersey. Perhaps they meant to audition. Miller was recently cast to play George Forman for an upcoming HBO project.

– Former WWE Superstar Rodney Mack and Diva Jazz are currently awaiting the arrival of twins.

– HD Sports News has released the complete 2009 schedule for WWE RAW and SmackDown in high definition. According to their schedule, WWE will not air RAW on Christmas Day. SmackDown is scheduled to air on the CW Network on December 22.