WWE Re-Signs a Top Superstar, WWE Business Update

– WWE shipped 300,000 new DVD’s in November, down from 314,000 in October. The top WWE DVD’s of 2008 still are Steve Austin with 239,000 shipped, Triple H with 248,000 shipped, WrestleMania 24 with 358,000 shipped and The Rock with 216,000 shipped.

– WWE’s website had 13.1 million visitors to their website in November, another slight decline from October. However, merchandise sales on the website were up to 1,000 per day in November, up from 839 per day in October. That jump can be explained by people probably buying early Christmas presents.

– Rey Mysterio and John Laurinaitis have agreed to all terms on a new WWE contract, but we don’t know if it’s on paper and officially signed yet. Internal speculation is that Rey has agreed to terms on a three-year deal with a two-year option. Rey’s current contract with WWE expires shortly and would have been done already but it was extended due to him being out of action for a lengthy period with injuries as the standard WWE contract allows them to extend the time frame on the deal if the talent is out for a long period of time.

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