More On Scott Steiner’s Health & Backstage Reputation


Says one fellow wrestler regarding Scott Steiner: “If Scott has a decent, hard match where he takes five or ten bumps, he is feeling much more pain than the average beat up wrestler [and he feels it for up to] 24 hours after the match.” The day after he wrestles he walks and moves like a 70 year old. Most wrestlers didn’t think he would return from the torn trachea he suffered wrestling in Puerto Rico where he took a kick to the throat, let alone still wrestle to this day.

There is sympathy for Scott backstage in TNA despite his reputation, which at one point was one of the worst in the business. There was one time in WCW where Terry Taylor was so shaken up over his threats that he changed all of his flights just to avoid Steiner. Steiner ended up being sent home over the July 4th weekend, and later joked to friends that if they wanted a paid vacation just pick on Taylor like he did. Another WCW story is that before an episode of Nitro in January 2000, Scott was told by management not to drive the n.W.o. Hummer vehicle over 60 miles an hour. One of the first things he did was see how fast the truck could drive and blew out the engine requiring thousands of dollars worth of repairs. It was during that time frame that WCW threatened to press charges on him for alleged threads made toward Ric Flair in a parking lot, and warned Steiner that if they did press charges he would be in violation of his probation. They were going to fine him and suspend him instead of pressing charges, but his contract prohibited any kind of fine or suspension, so they did neither.

Probably his most famous incident was the fight with DDP backstage at Nitro after Scott cut an unauthorized promo on Page on live TV, and Page picked a fight with him as soon as he walked back through the curtain. It took about seven wrestlers to pry Scott off of Dallas Page and one wrestler said Steiner tried to take his eye out. One report said Steiner filed his nails earlier in the day and if he hadn’t, Page might have lost an eye. Some felt Page deserved it while others felt he only got so much heat because of his wife Kimberly’s attitude.

Thus far Scott is said to be a pleasure to work with in TNA. Even during his last WWE run he kept to himself and was professional, but quiet and would only socialize if someone tried to talk to him first.

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