Maryse Update, WWE Releases Another Name, McCool, More

– Matt Cappotelli has been released by WWE. Cappotelli won a WWE contract in Tough Enough III and was working in OVW when he was diagnosed with brain cancer. He underwent successful surgery in May of 2007 to have a tumor removed and had hoped to return to the ring.

– WWE Divas Champion Maryse made her return at last night’s double SmackDown taping in Omaha, Nebraska in a non-wrestling capacity. At a house show in Raleigh, North Carolina on December 28, Maryse dislocated her knee in a tag team match against The Bella Twins when one of the twins initiated a dropkick that landed on her kneecap. Fortunately, the injury was said to not be too serious.

– Former WWE Divas Champion Michelle McCool has posted a brief blog on the WWE Universe site revealing the names of her “Styles Clash” finishing maneuver as well as the heel hook move she’s using. The heel hook is called the “MAD ‘T’ heel hook.” She’s calling the “Styles Clash” — which she performed last week on SmackDown — the “Faith Breaker.” McCool asked fans on her blog to suggest names for moves and these are the names she decided on.

– The WWE site has finally moved Goldust’s profile from the WWE Alumni section to the RAW section.

– The WWE website quietly removed Ron Simmons’ profile from the RAW section this afternoon, which should confirm his reported departure from the organization. However, WWE has not made the standard “future endeavors” announcement yet. You can still see Simmons’ profile in the WWE Alumni section. In another note, Gavin Spears’ profile still has yet to be removed from the ECW roster section.





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