SPOILERS: TNA iMPACT! Tapings Results (1/22)

– Jay Lethal defeated Cute Kip w/The Beautiful People

4 way X Division Title Match
– Alex Shelley defeated Chris Sabin, Sonjay Dutt w/So Cal Val & Sheik Abdul Bashir when Shelley pinned Dutt. At the end of the match, Sharmell came out and confronted referee Shane Sewell and made him return to the back with her.

– The Main Event Mafia of Kurt Angle, Sting & Scott Steiner come to the ring. He says tonight they start with Petey Williams and end with AJ Styles. He says that its part Styles’s fault he went through that table last week and playbacks are a bi###. He asks Team 3D who died and made them bookers…he said they can take their challenges for the PPV and stick them up their fat asses. Sting says no one speaks for him…and whispers something to Angle, who in turn whispers something back to Sting. Jim Cornette comes out and says Angle is right, 3D doesn’t have the power to make matches but he does. And its not going to be Brother Ray vs Sting or Brother Devon vs Angle at Aganist All Odds, instead its going to be a 4 way match for the TNA World Title with Sting defending against Brother Ray, Brother Devon and Kurt Angle, first man to score the pinfall is the new champion. He knows that Team 3D can work together but asks if Sting and Angle can.

– Sojourner Bolt vs. ODB
ODB wins by DQ when Awesome Kong runs down and attacks her with Raisha Sied & Rhaka Khan. Taylor Wilde & Roxxi come down with a chair & pipe to make the save.

Tag Team Elimination Match
– Booker T w/Sharmell & Scott Steiner defeated Petey Williams & Eric Young.
Eric Young eliminated by Booker T.
Booker T pins Petey Williams after a scisscorkick…Booker went for several pins attempts on Williams but kept lifting him up. Postmatch, while raising Steiner & Booker’s hands, Sewell shook his head in disgust…and Booker got in his face and hit him, Sewell couldn’t take it anymore and started lacing into Booker with a series of chops, Steiner & Booker beat down on Sewell until Earl Hebner came down to help him out.

– Lauren is in the ring, Matt Morgan comes out followed by Abyss. They discuss what happened postmatch last week. Morgan says the reason he’s out there and had Abyss out there was to give him apology. And tonight, they will be the TNA World tag team champions. The two hug. Abyss says he accepts his apology and he’s got a bad problem with his temper too. He mentions the two of them can go to therapy together. He’s so happy he’s got his whole family, his best friend of Matt Morgan and his girlfriend Lauren who he picks up and violently spins her around before apologizing.

Non Title First Blood Match
– TNA Tag Team champs Beer Money, Inc w/Jackie Moore defeated Matt Morgan & Abyss after matt morgan turned on Abyss, hit him with a steel chair and made him bleed. Postmatch, Morgan hovered over Abyss before beating him senseless into the corner. Abyss finally makes it to his feet and Morgan appears to be leaving the ring but instead turns around and hits Abyss with yet another chairshot. He stands over him before flipping off the crowd and leaving.

Tables Match
AJ Styles vs Kurt Angle
– Angle wins following an Olympic Slam through the table. Postmatch, Angle repeatedly smashes Styles’s ankle with a chair before putting him in the Ankle Lock. Kurt then goes to the broadcast table & takes the mic. He says the beginning of the end of TNA starts next week, he stands on top of the table and says, Look Ma, I’m on top of the world before heading up the ramp where he does a TNA Today interview with Jeremy Borash.