WWE RAW Results – January 12, 2009

– Tonight’s RAW kicks off with JBL and Shawn Michaels sitting in the white limousine outback. JBL tells him Shawn he could have been what JBL is. He says tonight he is fighting for his employer and not a World Title. He says consider this his WrestleMania. HBK looks down as JBL exits the limousine. We go to opening video.

– Stephanie McMahon comes to the ring to open tonight’s RAW. Stephanie says in two weeks the Road to WrestleMania begins with the Royal Rumble. She talks about Vince returning next week and says she can’t wait. Chris Jericho’s music hits and out comes the former World Champion to the ring. He calls her a hypocrite and says she’s scared to death of Vince’s return because her time running the show will be over. Jericho says he is excited about Vince coming back because he will right all her wrongs and give him what he wants. Steph says Vince supports her and her decisions. Jericho brings up putting Mike Adamle in power. Steph blames Adamle on Shane. She says next week in the ring, JBL and John Cena will sign a contract for their Royal Rumble match and Vince won’t be changing it and Jericho won’t be in the match. Stephanie says he has a match tonight and Jericho says he won’t compete in this ring again until it’s a title shot. Jericho says her time is coming to end. They talk some trash to each other. Stephanie says he’s lost the chance to talk to Vince next week and compete in the Royal Rumble match and will never compete for the World Title again. He says whatever she says doesn’t mean anything, he doesn’t give a damn. Stephanie says maybe he will give a damn about this… you’re fired! Jericho looks a bit confused as Stephanie walks out of the ring.

– Back from commercial and we get a replay of what happened with Stephanie and Jericho. We cut to the back where security is escorting Jericho out of the building and away from the arena.

The Miz vs. Rey Mysterio

The Miz comes out with his belt and his Slammy for the next match. Out next is Rey Mysterio to a huge pop.

Miz starts the match with a side headlock and knocks Rey to the mat. Cole says Morrison isn’t here tonight due to injuries from the tables match on SmackDown. Rey kicks Miz in the face but gets slammed face first on the turnbuckle. Miz attacks with right hands in the corner and nails the big lariat for a 2 count.

Rey slides out of a move but gets dropped on his face again on the mat for another close 2 count by Miz. Off the ropes and Rey kicks Miz in the face and comes off the top with a plancha for a 2 count. Kick to the face by Rey. Rey drops Miz on the ropes and goes for the 619 but Miz ducks. Rey goes to the apron and comes back in with a pin attempt but Miz reverses for a 2 count.

Rey counters another move and this time nails the 619. Rey comes off the top with a big splash for the pinfall and the win.

Winner: Rey Mysterio

After the match, Mike Knox appears out of nowhere and pummels Mysterio. Rey kicks in the face and fights him off, sending Knox scrambling to the floor. Rey’s music hits as we go to replays.

– Backstage Candice Michelle is talking to CM Punk about Vince returning next week but he doesn’t hear her as his back is turned and he’s focused on tonight’s match. Punk heads off as Candice wishes him good luck.

– Back from commercial and we get a promo video plugging Vince’s return. We see some old clips of Vince in his earlier WWF days.

WWE Intercontinental Title Match: CM Punk vs. William Regal

Back in the arena and Lilian Garcia announces the match and if the match ends in a DQ, the title can still change hands. Out first is the challenger, CM Punk. Out next is the WWE Intercontinental Champion William Regal with Layla at his side.

Regal and Punk test each other before locking up and there’s an early pin attempt. Punk takes Regal down with a backslide then a headlock take down and a pin attempt. Punk grounds Regal on the mat for a minute before Regal backs him into the corner. They separate. They lock back up again and Punk ends up hitting the high knee in the corner and the bulldog for a 2 count. Regal drops Punk face first into the corner and hits rights and a big knee to the back of the head. Punk turns around and hits Regal below the belt. The referee throws the match out on a DQ. Punk argues with the ref, trying to say he didn’t mean to do it.

Winner by DQ and still WWE IC Champion: William Regal

– Backstage Mickie James is taking to Cody Rhodes about all the snow outside and they might get stuck there. Sim Snuka and Manu walk up, asking Cody what was up with last week. Rhodes asks why are they taking it to personally? He just took the best situation and ran with it. Manu says they are giving him fair warning and going after Randy Orton tonight. Manu says either Cody is with them or against them. Sim says they brought backup tonight, a second generation star who feels just like they do. They walk off as Cody looks on.

– Back from commercial and William Regal is walking with Layla. Grisham walks up and asks him if he is satisfied. Regal says he is very satisfied and glad this contest is over. Stephanie walks up and says she isn’t satisfied. Next week in Chicago, there will be the 3rd and final match between the two for the IC Title – a no DQ match.

– We cut to an awesome video package announcing Stone Cold Steve Austin’s 2009 WWE Hall of Fame induction. For any fan, this really is a cool video. Stone Cold’s going to the Hall of Fame!

– Backstage JBL is with Shawn Michaels. JBL asks if he thinks Stephanie will still be running things at WrestleMania. JBL says don’t worry about Chris Jericho, he saved his money and didn’t lose big like HBK did. JBL tells Michaels Stephanie can’t fire him and he can’t lose tonight. HBK says if this is his WrestleMania, then he doesn’t need JBL in his corner. HBK says he is going to prove why he’s the Showstopper and says something else before walking off. Back to commercial.

– Back from commercial and we get another video package for Vince McMahon, this one focusing on him firing people over the years. Cole and Lawler announce that Mike Knox vs. Rey Mysterio will be on next week’s RAW.

Kane vs. Randy Orton

Back in the arena, Kane’s music hits as he makes his way to the ring for the match with Randy Orton. Voices hits and Randy Orton comes out with Cody Rhodes at his side. Rhodes is looking around him, a bit sketchy.

They lock up and Orton forces Kane into the corner with a series of big fists. Kane flattens Orton with a huge right hand and takes control, kicking and punching at Orton. Back in the corner and Orton catches a big elbow from Kane. Kane runs into Orton’s elbow but dumps Orton to the floor with a clothesline as we go back to commercial.

Back from commercial and Randy Orton is in control after DDT’ing Kane during the break. Orton pummels Kane with right hands, beating him to the mat. Out of nowhere Kane drops Orton again with a big right hand. Orton goes for a running kick on Kane’s head and barely hits it but Kane sells anyway. Orton back in control as he starts stomping on Kane.

Orton continues to work over Kane as Cody Rhodes looks around at ringside. Orton applies a side headlock and continues to wear Kane down. Kane fight out of it with a big back drop. Big right hands by Kane send Orton back into the ropes. Kane drops Orton with a big boot. Big clothesline by Kane in the corner followed by another. Sideslam by Kane gets a 2 count.

Kane goes for the chokeslam but Orton counters with a back breaker. Orton stalks Kane and goes for the RKO but Kane counters. Kane climbs to the top turnbuckle and flies at Orton but gets kicked in the stomach. Orton covers Kane for the pinfall and the win. The count looked like it was only a 2. The referee leaves the ring and Kane argues that it was only a 2 count. Orton looks confused a bit and Lawler and Cole go to replays to see the count and the replays definitely show Kane’s shoulder coming up at 2. The referee was an Armstrong so maybe they’re going to have a referee?

Winner: Randy Orton

After the match, Manu and Sim come to the entrance way and ask Cody if they’re with them or against them. Sim says about that back up, here he is. Out comes Ted DiBiase! Ted, Manu and Sim stalk the ring and enter where Orton is by himself. Cody is out on the floor. Cody enters the ring and surrounds Orton with them. All of a sudden, Rhodes, Orton and DiBiase attack Sim and Manu, beating them down. Rhodes, DiBiase and Orton beat the hell out of Snuka and Manu to a mixed reaction from the crowd. The Legacy stand over Snuka and Manu in the ring before heading to the back to Orton’s music.

– Back in the arena and we cut to a replay earlier of Stephanie McMahon firing Chris Jericho.

– Todd Grisham is backstage with a smiling John Cena, talking about the Royal Rumble. Cena says he knows all about it as he snuck in last year and rambles on about the Rumble and the Road to WrestleMania. Cena puts over JBL, saying he is a former WWE Champion and talks about him buying Shawn Michaels now, calling HBK the best. Cena says if tonight is HBK’s WrestleMania, then so be it. Back to commercial.

Beth Phoenix and Jillian Hall vs. Kelly Kelly and Melina

In the arena, WWE Women’s Champion Beth Phoenix waits in the ring with Jillian Hall. Kelly Kelly is out next followed by her tag team partner Melina, the #1 contender. As Melina walks down the ramp, Rosa Mendez, posing as one of the photographers, attacks Melina and knocks her down. Security take her off. Kelly comes to check on Melina and they both get attacked by Beth and Jillian on the ramp.

Beth and Jillian beat the hell out of Kelly and Melina. Beth beats on Melina and holds a camera to her face, taunting her and talking trash. Jillian looks on and the two Divas stand tall before we go back to commercial. Nothing really ever happened with the match.

Winners: No Contest

– Back from break and we get another Vince return video package. Cole and Lawler run down the Royal Rumble card.

– Randy Orton is backstage with Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase. Orton says when he kicked Ted in the head, it was just trying to knock some sense in him. Ted says the past is the past and the Royal Rumble is next where all three are competing. Orton says there can only be one winner. Cody looks like he agrees with Orton but Ted looks unsure.

– Goldust, Jamie Noble, Cryme Tyme and Dolph Ziggler are waiting at Stephanie’s door for a spot in the Rumble match. Santino walks out and says he got a spot. Comedy by Santino. Dolph introduces himself to Noble and Cryme Tyme says somebody slap him.

– Backstage we see Shawn Michaels and JBL heading to the ring as we go to commercial.

Shawn Michaels vs. John Cena

Back from commercial and JBL’s white limousine pulls into the arena as his music plays. JBL steps out of the limo followed by JBL. Then HBK’s music hits as he makes his way to the ring. JBL stops and makes his presence known at ringside. Out next is the World Heavyweight Champion John Cena to a big pop.

HBK and John Cena shake hands in the middle of the ring before the match starts as JBL looks on from the outside. We go back to commercial break.

Back from commercial and the match starts with HBK starting to work on Cena’s arm. They separate and stand off. They lock back up and HBK takes Cena to the mat with a side headlock. They stand back up again. Lock up again and HBK takes Cena back down. Big right hand by Cena sends HBK to the mat. HBK regains his composure as the crowd chants Cena’s name. They lock up again and HBK goes back to work on the arm, taking Cena to one knee.

Cena fights back and takes HBK down with a big shoulder then a big hip toss and a drop toe hold. He goes for the STF, yes the STF, but it’s countered. HBK attempts Sweet Chin Music but Cena dodges. They separate and stand up again as JBL looks on. In the corner HBK nails big knife chops on Cena. Cena turns it around and nails a bunch of right hands. More big chops from HBK. Cena with a big back body drop on HBK then a clothesline that sends him to the floor. The referee begins his count. HBK drops Cena’s neck over the ropes as he comes back in the ring and starts dropping knees.

HBK continues to kick on Cena and drop elbows, keeping him grounded. More chops now in the corner from HBK. Cena fights back with two clotheslines and launches HBK in the corner. Cena with a bulldog for a 2 count. Cena kicks HBK in the gut and scoops him. HBK counters and goes for the Figure Four. HBK locks it as the ref checks on Cena. HBK keeps the hold locked until Cena tries to reverse it and HBK breaks the hold. Cena is holding his leg now. HBK works over Cena in the corner now. HBK ends up laying on the top turnbuckle and Cena kicks HBK in the gut. Cena nails the Blockbuster move and goes to the top. Cena goes for the leg drop but HBK counters it and locks on the Crossface submission.

HBK keeps the Crossface locked and Cena hangs on. Cena gets to his feet with the hold applied but HBK brings him right back to the mat with the submission still applied. Lawler calls this impossible. Cena gets to the ropes and HBK holds the move while the ref counts. Cena appears to be hurt now as HBK kicks him out to the floor. Back to commercial break.

Back from commercial and Cena is in control, throwing HBK back in the ring. Cena covers HBK for a 2 count. During the break, Cena regained control after throwing HBK to the floor. Cena drops HBK with another back drop and gets another 2 count. Cena with a big suplex on HBK for another 2 count. Cena goes for the FU but HBK scrambles out of it. Cena applies a bear hug on HBK.

HBK fights out of the bear hug with an elbow and gets to his feet. They trade blows and Cena locks the bear hug on again. Cena rams HBK into the corner but runs into HBK’s boot. They trade chops and right hands. Big shoulder by HBK off the ropes knocks them both down. Both men get up and HBK nails the inverted atomic drop. Cena runs the ropes and nails a big shoulder. Cena goes for a back drop but HBK turns it into a 2 count. Scoop slam by HBK and he climbs to the top rope. HBK is met at the top by Cena’s right hand. Cena lifts HBK on his shoulders but HBK drops him off the top on his head and holds it for a 2 count. Cena landed oddly on his neck.

HBK goes back to the top for the elbow drop but Cena rolls out of the way. JBL paces around ringside. Cena climbs to the top now and nails the big leg drop on HBK. Cena tells JBL he can’t see him and drops the Five Knuckle Shuffle on HBK. Cena lifts HBK on his shoulders for the FU but HBK turns it into a DDT. Close 2 count by HBK. HBK goes back up top and nails the big elbow drop. HBK gets ready for Sweet Chin Music as Cena tries to get up. Cena ducks the big kick and Cena nails the FU, or whatever they’re calling it, on HBK for another close 2 count.

JBL looks worried at ringside. Cena gets to his feet but HBK hits the Sweet Chin Music out of nowhere. HBK covers Cena for another very close 2 count. Cena scoops HBK on his shoulders again but HBK rolls him for a 2 count. Cena with a drop toe hold and then he locks the STF on HBK, right infront of JBL. JBL leans on the rope and HBK gets to it, forcing Cena to break the hold. HBK is down as Cena gets to his feet. HBK turns around and gets lifted on Cena’s shoulders again. JBL distracts Cena and HBK nails the Sweet Chin Music for the pinfall and the win.

Winner: Shawn Michaels

After the match, HBK rolls out of the ring and staggers to the back. JBL enters the ring where Cena is still laying on his back. JBL just stands over Cena and looks at him as we get replays of the match. JBL just looks at Cena with his hands on his hips as RAW goes off the air.

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