Vince’s Limo Drivers Fired, Update on the Releases, More

– The Hartford Courant reported that WWE fired about 60 employees today. We’ve heard the number was closer to 85. The Connecticut newspaper, in reporting the company’s cutbacks, noted that its professional wrestlers were safe since they were under contract. Someone tell that to Bam Neely, D’Lo Brown and Val Venis.

– Former WWE Superstar Kevin Thorn is already accepting bookings for appearances and independent wrestling events and can be reached at [email protected]

– The Peterborough Examiner in Canada picked up the WWE’s release of Val Venis as he is originally from the area.

– Metsfan sent the following: On Smackdown last night there were plenty of piped in cheers. When I was at this show, none of the Jeff Hardy segments were played live so when there was a pop every time Jeff was on screen, especially when Jeff said he would compete at the Royal Rumble, it was piped in cheers. The Edge segment was played two seconds into the clip but then was turned off. The pop when MVP had his furniture confiscated was also piped in. Oh and they edited out the screw up when HHH threw Morrison over the table on his first attempt. I thought these were interesting to note after seeing how WWE would edit the show after I watched it filmed live.

– The word going around tonight, which we can confirm, is that Vince McMahon’s two limo drivers were both let go from WWE today, so obviously the cost cutting is across the board within the company and even Vince himself is not immune to the economic reductions of their bottom line.