Linda’s Thoughts – Was It Too Much Triple H?

I don’t expect to be the most popular today with a lot of my readers, and in fact after looking at some of the feedback on some of the sites I would say that I am the only one that has nothing bad to say about Triple H and his three matches on Smackdown. I knew last week after reading the spoilers that Hunter would get ripped and that’s exactly what’s happening. Sure you guys might say of course you liked it you’re a Triple H mark, but you know what I don’t love everything he does, and I always put that in a column, but last night I found his matches were good to very good and yeah he was on throughout the show, but there was no mic work from him and his matches didn’t last long enough to take away from the show. And Triple H wasn’t the only one that made Smackdown good and I think I will just get into all the positives of the show right now

Okay so you know that I liked t Hunter’s matches last night. I would love to see Triple H in a feud with John Morrison. I really wish we would have gotten a longer match with these two, but the little we got during this table match came off well. And the second match with Triple H vs. Chavo and The Miz was okay; it was nothing special, yet it entertained me. And even though Hunter won, I thought he sold well, especially his “arm injury” that he sustained after the first match when Chavo threw him into a table. And the main event with Big Show taking on Hunter? Well I will get to at the end of the column. Another match that I liked very much was the Undertaker vs. Shelton Benjamin. But I have to be honest with you. I really couldn’t get into this one until Taker finally got plenty of Benjamin’s offense. The beginning was too much Taker, but once Shelton got the upper hand I thought both men looked really good here.

And while the women’s match with Michelle McCool and Victoria vs. The Bella twins was nothing out of the ordinary, I really liked the McCool’s cocky actions during this match. I really believe that being a heel becomes her. I’m not sure why McCool attacked her partner Victoria after the loss, but I guess it’s because her new character must WIN all the time, and when she doesn’t, look out because no one is safe from her. Now if I liked watching Triple H last night, then I have someone else that I totally loved and that’s MVP. I was so happy to see this man so down and out after losing week after week, month after month. I loved how he just went through the motions as host of the MVP lounge. This guy just oozed misery and I loved it. But I will say I’m still so not into Mr. Kennedy these days. And I think that’s because WWE had to push his DVD movie down our throats with appearances weekly and it just got to be too much. I wish Vince would realize that he goes overboard with plugging WWE products. I know there are many of my readers that also feel that Kennedy has worn his welcome out. Hopefully once Kennedy is back in the ring he can get back to where he was before his injury put him out. So Kennedy did nothing for me, but MVP really came through beautifully.

Another match that I thought was done very well was f the tag team title match with the Colon brothers vs. Ezekiel and The Brian Kendrick. Had I not read the spoilers I would have thought that Carlito and Primo would have lost, so I was pleasantly surprised to see that they held on to them. These four worked very well together and I really liked the pace of this match. I would love to see Carlito and Primo get major TV time each week in the ring and on the mic. I would really like to see this tag team focused on way more than they have been. And I couldn’t have been happier with the Big Show/Triple H Last Man Standing main event match. Normally I don’t like to see these two go at it, but they have had some decent matches in the past and last night’s was one of their best. I liked watching how Big Show for most of the match wasn’t sweating as he brutalized Triple H. Even though Show really worked hard here he made it looks so easy, and that I liked. And even though a few times Hunter looked like he was making a comeback, this match was all Show’s. This was a cool main event and the whole thing with Vickie punishing Hunter for last week’s remarks and needling him last night all worked very well for me.

And I wanted to hold off with Jeff Hardy until now. Again I might be way off compared to the feedback I’ve read, but I thought the “car accident” that Jeff and his “girlfriend” were involved in was done well. Of course it was cheesy and cheap looking but so what the point here is that someone is after Hardy and they went so far as to go and run him off the road. I’m fine with this angle, and maybe it’s because it’s supposed to be Christian that is behind all of the attacks. You can tell all of this is definitely going to come to a head at the Royal Rumble, and I am excited about all of this.

So call me a Triple H mark, which I am, but I thought Smackdown was a good show. Hey if John Cena was in three matches would I be so complimentary to him? I would like to think that I would if the matches were good, and who knows that could happen in the near future. Well just about every match was worth watching last night, and as I said MVP brought a lot to the show even though he wasn’t on long. I thought this was a better Smackdown than last week and you can bet I look forward to next Friday’s show. Also I would love to see Maryse return from her knee injury. I am so happy that she’s the new Women’s champion and I want to see her in that ring defending it as much as she can. Okay so I will return during the week with my thoughts on Raw. We know that JBL will be in HBK’s corner when he takes on John Cena, and I don’t want to spoil it but I just read a rumor that has to do with Legacy. And if this rumor comes true then my interest will be back big time with this stable. And I’m sure we will we see Stephanie trying to keep Vince from showing up in a week?  Hopefully we will get a hell of a Raw on Monday night. Now let me leave you with the following link, Some of you may recognize it from my reader and friend who makes Chibi wrestling animations. This one has Edge and Jeff Hardy in it and it’s really cute, so please check it out.

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