The Latest on Batista, Dolph Ziggler, Brie Bella and More

– A representative of Batista released two statements regarding his health on the message board of his official website: The first statement was issued this past Sunday: “The surgery went well as expected, Dave started rehab before he left the hospital mid-week and has now gone home to continue rehab. At this point were not going to estimate any return date or month, will just see how things go over the next few weeks, most likely wont be back for several months to wrestle, could be back earlier on Raw just not in any matches. Please thank everyone for their well wishes on the demonboard.” A second statement was released this past Tuesday saying he is at home resting and expected to start training his legs in six weeks.

– After debuting on Raw nearly four months ago, the WWE website has finally added a profile on Dolph Ziggler.

– Vince McMahon has sent out an email to US based WWE employees. In the email, he explains that there will be a 10% cut in the company’s staff, due the faltering economy. Before the recent economy issues, WWE had stated that they would cut $20 Million. With the talks of layoffs, talent cuts are also expected today.

– SmackDown Diva Brie Bella posted a blog wishing everyone a new year. She also promises to keep kicking butt on SmackDown. She posted a second blog telling people what to do with their Christmas tree — recycle it.