Mr. Kennedy on His Movie, Update on WWE Cuts, More

– In an update on today’s WWE staff layoff story, the company fired a number of office employees as well as television production people this morning. WWE is expected to layoff people working on the company website this afternoon. Online advertising revenue has been way down in recent months due to the state of the economy. In several cases, the employees let go had long tenure with WWE and had worked themselves up the ranks in the company, so there were a number of jaw-dropping departures at Titan Towers. The feeling among those who survived the layoffs is that the company is generally targeting those high up on the financial scale. The more money you made, the more likely you were to be a target to get fired. It’s a sad day for those working in WWE as many people saw friends let go with no warning.

–’s Eric Cohen has an interview with Mr. Kennedy discussing WWE Studios’ Behind Enemy Lines – Colombia DVD among other topics. Kennedy said he doesn’t read reviews of his movie. “I’m not so much concerned with the reviews as I am with the numbers that the movie does. I really don’t care about the reviews. I don’t read the reviews. I’m not going to read any reviews. But, I think it is more nerve wracking waiting for a movie to come out,” Kennedy said. “Because, in the ring, you are in front of a live crowd so you know right-then-and-there depending on how the crowd is reacting whether or not you are doing your job. I prefer to act without a net. There is nothing like live TV and working in-front of a live audience. There is nothing like it and you can’t screw up. It’s impossible to screw up. In a real fight situation, things happen. You know, you don’t always land every punch; things don’t go the way that you want it. So, I for one, enjoy it when things like that happen in the ring.” Kennedy gave an update on his injury status. “I’m getting back into shape and my injury is healing up nicely. I have about two more months left before I get to see Dr. Andrews again. Hopefully, he’ll tell me that I’m good to go and then I can return to action,” Kennedy said. Kennedy talks about his previous acting experience, “The Wrestler,” Wrestlemania XXV, how he was was offered the film role, changing his theme music, advice for those looking to enter the wrestling business, and more.

– The latest edition of “Santino’s Casa” is online at The preview for this week’s episode reads: “Is it a jerk? Is it it a pain? Is it a delusional idiot? In this week’s “Santino’s Casa,” “Super Santino” insists that his improving physique will allow him to take over as WWE’s new “Animal” from a recovering Batista.”