Top WWE RAW Superstar Speaks on The Wrestler, More

– John Bradshaw Layfield wrote a new blog on WWE Universe today where he talked about The Wrestler, here are some highlights:

A lot of people ask me about The Wrestler. I thought it was awesome and extremely well written. This was the business I broke into many years ago. However, that business has changed – and for the better.

In the last six months, I have had MRIs, concussion tests, HIV test, trauma test, drug test and even my cholesterol tested – which was the only one I failed. This business in WWE is really a corporate environment these days – it has changed for the better. I am glad for my old days, I wouldn’t change a thing. But the WWE has done so much to clean up the abuse that the business as I knew it was so known for.

All that being said, I loved the movie. Even with all the negative stereotypes in the movie, this was a part of what I did to get to WWE and it was fun to watch. A little scary to watch, but fun.

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