The Jey Files – New Year, New Thoughts

Whats up everyone, it’s the very first Jey Files of 2009! I hope everyone has had a good last few weeks like I had and did some resting before starting the new year. Also, I just wanted to say real quick I have enjoyed talking with you guys individually about your thoughts on my last column. The opinions some of you guys have about either supporting TNA or WWE is a lot stronger than most would imagine. So, I thought I would use this weeks column to kind of follow up on some thought I had from last week and from talking with all of you and see if I can get anymore opinions from you all!


            Despite some opinions, I am by no means siding in this war with TNA. I do believe that TNA has a lot of opportunities to expand, and seeing them expanding isn’t a bad thing. Try to remember the last time two wrestling companies went head to head; it was great for all to watch. Still, I think that both companies have strong points and weak points to work on. Something that TNA does better than WWE is giving guys who don’t fit the mold of a modern day “Superstar” a chance to shine, kind of like what ECW did in the early days. Not that the TNA standard is even close to an ECW wrestling standard, but you get the comparison. Some say that they push guys too soon sometimes but I personally like the fact with some of the guys they bring in, they put them in a situation of importance without a bunch promotion. For example, Kiyoshi is relatively unknown in TNA and hasn’t really been seen on TV. But they put him in the X-Division tournament and gave him some spotlight time and I think that’s good for them. We all know they won’t let him, but still it’s some time to see what he is all about and I respect that. WWE does it as well at times, but not usually before a few months of boring matches with jobbers. Now, that isn’t a bad thing either that they wait to see what the talent can do before putting them in title match situations. But isn’t that why they have developmental territories though? Perhaps the reason why TNA does put some guys in some what of a high importance situation without much promotion is because they don’t have a real developmental territory, but regardless I still like it.


Let me just make something perfectly clear here. In my opinion, TNA still has a ton of growing to do yet before they can be taken serious by the main stream. They are far from any measure of competing on the level of WWE, and If TNA wants to succeed they need to start listing to the fans and some of the wrestlers backstage and cut out their constant copying of other promotions from the past and present. There are ways to copy things that have been successful without making it obvious that your copying, so if the only way you can get ahead is to copy, THEN MAKE IT LESS OBVIOUS. They need to understand that the only wrestling fans watching their show at the moment are mainly those who have a history of wrestling and the fans who watch at random don’t care about them yet or they just aren’t interested, so with that sense of history comes knowledge of past events. I guess at the same time though, I do not think that TNA has to copy anything at all from anyone. Watching some of the DVD’s from when TNA first started, they had a ton of innovative and original concepts and that is what they need to go back to. At the same time, the concepts can be the most original and ground breaking thing to ever happen to professional wrestling, but if you put guys in it like Jeff Jarrett or Kurt Angle then you pretty much just screwed yourself in the end. Do I think that Kurt Angle should leave TNA? No, I don’t. I think Kurt’s presence is what TNA needs at the moment and he fits well in TNA for the most part. I would easily go with everyone else on saying that they don’t need Kurt now that they have Mick Foley, but let’s be real here. Foley isn’t going to travel to no name cities three nights a week to wrestle. Foley will only be what he is for TNA right now on a regular basis and that’s just about it. One more thing. TNA, what the holy hell are you thinking with the Suicide thing?? I don’t know too many people who have played a video game and saw a created wrestler and went “Hey, they should make this guy into a real life character”. Your not helping your buy rates for the video game by bringing the character to life, you lost all chances of that when you took out all the title belts from being made in the game. Its just silly and ridiculous to do something like that.


            The things that TNA doesn’t have are owned by WWE and can never be reproduced no matter how hard anyone in any other company tried to duplicate. What I mean by that is only in the WWE can someone like The Rock be a house hold name. Being able accomplish something like that is a rare thing in any endeavor in life and even though we as fans would like to think, wrestling isn’t taken as serious competition to most people. So to be able to reach that kind of status is amazing and it can only be done in the WWE. Sure, McMahon doesn’t always make the right choices with his wrestlers, but when something gets hot he knows how to keep the flame burning until he doesn’t need to keep it under control anymore and no one does it like him. When you think about it, whatever the reasoning is, some guys just wouldn’t fit anywhere else besides the WWE. Edge, Undertaker, Triple H, HBK…none of them would ever fit any other type of organization besides the WWE because of the feel that WWE has. Its almost like Goldberg in WCW, he was a top guy because he fit that mold. Then he came over to WWE, and I think a lot of you guys would agree that it just didn’t fit right and was just weird to watch even though Goldberg always has been a favorite. And catching something in your company where you have a certain unexplainable feel to your shows is what TNA lacks and might now ever get. Those reasons among others is where my respect for WWE originates, and I always will chose WWE before I choose any other company first as long as that respect is there. However the majority of people who I have talked to also think there are things that WWE could change and make better that I agree with. As much as I dislike McMahon, no one can say he didn’t make the wrestling world as big as it is today. I just mainly feel that while they have all the right components to push stars into the heights of The Rock and Hogan, one of the main problems I have with WWE is them not pushing guys who are an obvious fan favorite and wasting some good talent. Elijah Burke is the latest one that I can think of that I was just scratching my head and wondering what where they thinking. Burke is one of the most talented guys to step foot in the WWE, and he had the ability to work the crowd along with it. He was written off of ECW at a time when the brand could have used him most. Instead, they would rather push guys like Snitsky because he is a bigger built guy and we all know that’s more important than being an interesting wrestler. Something else is that I have to say I defiantly agree with the thought that Batista has been boring to watch lately and he needs to be turned back to a heel. He was excellent in Evolution as the enforcer type roll and even though he has surpassed that, it still would be a good idea to make him into a roll similar to the one he used to have. But I seriously doubt that would happen since Batista probably sells a lot of merchandise and heel merchandise never sells as much, and that is just another thing I have a problem with.


            Both Companies need to realize one thing; in wrestling, you cannot force ANYTHING from the fans. Now, that can go a few different ways. You cannot force the fans to like someone as much as they liked The Rock or Stone Cold, so dont shove guys like Cena or Angle down the throats of the fans. It wasn’t working, it never has worked and it never will so knock it the hell off. Second, forcing people to see guys in groups like the Main Event Mafia and Legacy won’t make them bigger than DX or the nWo, so stop making references to your groups possibly being bigger than either group because when you label them and start comparing the groups you almost ruin their chance of being comparable on their own. Just for a quick example, when Morrison and Miz teamed up, I don’t think anyone in WWE would have expected them to be as big as they were. Their chemistry was made up of something that just happened, no one sat down and said “Hey, let’s put these guys together and make them out to be the biggest thing to happen in tag teams since The Hardys”. My biggest opinion is that yes, the fact that people don’t like TNA sometimes doesn’t have to do with the fact they are and always have been loyal WWE supporters. On the flip side, I think people also just see an alternative to WWE and just don’t give it the time of day. You have the right to say they suck when you watch it or have watched it just like I can say I enjoy watching it from time to time and I think a lot of the unknown talent they have are good wrestlers. I’m not urging anyone to watch TNA on a regular basis, all I did was say hey give them the chance and if you do and you still cant stand them hey, good for you and I am glad you made an opinion on it. But I really don’t get why someone would take the time out of their day to send me an e-mail saying they hate TNA and they never have or never would watch it because it sucks. How do you know if it sucks if you haven’t ever watched it?


Just before I wrap this up, I just wanted to tell everyone who have been e-mailing me over the last few months that I should check out Ring of Honor, I got a chance to over the holidays. I had bought myself some Ring of Honor DVD’s through, and one of the matches on the disc was CM Punk and Samoa Joe. Sure, is was cool seeing two former Heavyweight Champions facing off with each other in the very beginning of their careers, but it really wasn’t anything too exciting. I watched another ROH DVD a while back and the match was Homicide vs. Matt Hardy. Let me just say if that was top notch quality coming out of ROH…then I don’t see how they are still a company. So, I did do what you guys asked of me and I checked a little deeper into ROH, but the matches were a little sloppy and the commentary was bland. Sorry guys, I just don’t think they are even at a level where they deserve to be compared to TNA, none the less WWE. They got a long way to go before you could even think of doing that.


That’s it for this week, but on a small topic if you haven’t picked up the new Smackdown vs. RAW game yet then its worth a rental. I bought it over the past weekend and its not too hateful, they took out the GM Mode which I was not happy about and the career mode they added really bites but the graphics are a big improvement and its overall fun. But I wish I would have rented it before buying it though. Anyway, see you guys next week!




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