JR Blog: SmackDown’s Divas, Hardy’s Face Paint, More

Jim Ross is back with another blog update at jrsbarbq.com. Some of the highlights:

– It looks as if the Legends Roundtable is back on for a January taping. I’m not 100% sure of who will be on the panel but the guests will discuss African Americans in Wrestling and Texas Wrestling Stars and Promotions. Hopefully, Bombastic Bill, the large Cowboy, Bill Watts will be involved in this effort as he always has plenty to say.

– Jeff Hardy’s face paint has given the WWE Champion a distinctive look. The paint may be reminiscent to some fans of the Warrior, Sting, Road Warriors, the Great Muta etc but it feels new again to me. I expect fans to start paint their faces and one would think that the WWE might even come out with a Hardy mask ala the Rey Mysterio masks that are now available. Jeff is really “hot” right now.

– The potential of the Friday Night Smackdown Divas feels somewhat untapped to me but the change in demeanor for Michelle McCool feels like the WWE is doing the right thing with her persona. The fans in Jersey last week responded well to McCool’s antics which means that particular live audience made an emotional investment in the character which is the first step in any successful, creative process. In theory, the Smackdown Divas should be able to contribute more to the broadcasts if they are presented with opportunity and take advantage of it.