Complete Results from WWE’s Baseline Drug Testing

– Below is an explanation and results of WWE’s baseline drug testing, as submitted to Congress in the reports we have been covering:

Question 1. Under what conditions were warnings given to wrestlers?

In 2006, the WWE policy stated that a urine test that was positive for a prohibited drug that was prescribed by a licensed physician would be considered a negative test. Once the testing began, it became apparent that individual wrestlers or talent in the vernacular of the WWE had doctors prescribing anabolic steroids, testosterone, and human growth hormone for non-acceptable medical reasons. It was felt it would be unfair initially to the talent to immediately classify their tests as positive since they did have a prescription from a licensed physician. Consequently, it was decided in these instances to send the talent a warning that continued use of the prescribed medication would be a violation of the policy even if they had a prescription from a licensed physician, and they would be treated the same as if they had tested positive. After approximately September 2006, the warnings were discontinued and suspensions were provided regardless of whether a licensed physician was involved. This change was facilitated in part by the addition of Dr. Tracey Ray, who is responsible for contacting the prescribing physician involved and providing a written opinion as to the acceptability of the medical justification for the prescription. At this time, we will not accept any reason for prescribing an anabolic steroid or HGH except for one. We have accepted testosterone replacement therapy as a valid medical reason for individuals who have injured their endocrine system through the use of anabolic steroids. Use of this therapy will result, however, in regular blood measurement to ensure that the testosterone involved in therapy is not being used to excess.

Question 2. Does the list of positives include cases where wrestlers tested positive on the “initial baseline test” described under Section 11 of the WWE policy. If not, can you provide us summary results of those tests?

No; the list of positives does not include the results from the baseline tests. Baseline testing of all talent was conducted when the Policy was initially implemented, and a baseline test is conducted for each new individual placed under contract. We now refer to the initial baseline of new individuals as a “pre-contract” or “pre-hire” test. The following is a breakdown of the results of the initial baseline tests covering the first full twelve months of the program. These figures include all talent at the time of the first test as well as any subsequent new hires.

Baseline Tests Given: 186
Talent That Tested Positive: 75
Positives by Drug Class: (some talent tested positive for more than one class of drug)
Anabolic Steroids: 68
Prescription Drugs: 34
Illicit Drugs: 2
Ephedrine/Pseudoephedrine: 11

Total Positive Results: 115