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I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday season, as we get set to go full force into 2009. With a new year, comes new challeneges in the WWE, and it all starts on the Road to Wrestlemania, of course, at the Royal Rumble! This has always been one of my favorite ppv’s by the WWE, and although in recent years it has been somewhat more predictable, I still enjoy the build-up for it. So in this installment of The Dog Pound I want to give all of you a few people whom I think have the best chance of winning it all in 2009.

All week I had been making my prediction to friends that Randy Orton would go on and win the fatal-four-way match on Raw. Then I realized, with Batista out with an injury, Orton would probably be the man to face Cena at Wrestlemania and not the Rumble. That said, I believe that Randy Orton has a legit shot at winning the Rumble match this time around. Think about it, the youngest world champion in history winning the Rumble and going on to main-event Wrestlemania once again. Perhaps this time he’ll be able to take down the man known as John Cena. Pretty test-book prediction there. Prediction #1 – Randy Orton.

The next guy on my list is also pretty cut and dry as far as what his character has done this past year, and just how far he has come since returning. Did you get it yet? That’s right, the 2008 Superstar of the Year…Chris Jericho. This is a win that practically writes itself. Jericho could lay claim that he has done it all. First ever Undisputed Champion, beat The Rock and Austin in the same night, won the World Title twice in one year, and now would be the 2009 Royal Rumble winner. With a win in the Rumble, I think it would finally solidify Jericho as an all-time great main-eventer. Plus, love him or hate him, Jericho can draw and seeing him back in the main event of Wrestlemania would be amazing. Prediction #2 – Chris Jericho.

This third prediction sounds a little far-fetched, but in terms of how it could work within the storyline, it could be done. Shawn Michaels wins the Rumble, but due to his “finacial state” is forced to “sell” his win to JBL. Thus, JBL technically gets the win. There are however holes in that plan. One, JBL doesn’t draw enough to perhaps main event another Wrestlemania. If this had been three or four years ago, maybe. Two, where would this leave HBK? With rumors that he is set to fight the Undertaker, how would this work into the story? Either way I say Michaels is a possibility as 2009 Rumble winner. Prediction #3 – Shawn Michaels (JBL).

This fourth prediction may also seem very far-fetched, but again could work given the storyline. I jump over to Smackdown for this one and see that the Big Show could have a nice run in the Rumble. Think about it, he has played Vickie’s and Edge’s hencheman for sometime now, and he has asked for a shot at the title. Should he win the Rumble, Vickie would have no choice but to grant it to him. The only draw back I see is the the same as JBL. At this stage in his career Big Show may not be a big enough draw (no pun intended) to main event the big ppv. Prediction #4 – Big Show.

I am really, really excited about this fifth and final pick. I feel it has the biggest chance of happening and just remember you heard it here first. Staying on Smackdown, I would choose Christian (Cage)! That’s right. I believe that Christian is set to return to the WWE, and their waiting until the Rumble to have him return. He wins, and reveals that it was he who knocked Hardy out before Survivor Series. Setting up Hardy vs. Christian at Wrestlemania. That would be something to see! Remember you heard it via Dog Pound right here! Prediction #5 – Christian.

Those of course are my top five. However, let’s not rule out outside chances that guys like CM Punk, Matt Hardy, and (knowing them) Vladimir Koslov could potentially win this thing!

What do y’all think??

Before I go a special shout-out to my buddy Dan Cole! An avid reader and fan just like me! No worries bud, eventually they’ll get a ‘Mania over seas!


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