NY Daily News Catches Vince, Chyna Update, HBK, More

– Shawn Michaels’ autograph signings in the Northeast drew well over the weekend, bringing in 500+ fans for a 2 hour signing in Levittown, PA on 12/27 and 600+ on 12/28 in Long Island, NY.

– The official story being given out by Chyna’s management is that she made an error with a medication that was recently prescribed to her by mixing it with alcohol, causing her to “black out” while celebrating her birthday and falling into a mirror, which is why she fell into her mirrored closet doors, shattering them and cutting herself. Her management also claimed she was never admitted to the hospital and was released from the ER. However, a source close to the situation has claimed Chyna is indeed hospitalized and will be canceling all upcoming appearances as she’ll be going to a specialized rehab center in Texas shortly and will be focusing on her health. The story behind her relapse after 10 months was that she had let a prescription lapse and fell into a depression after several weeks.

– Expect a big push by WWE over the next two weeks for Behind Enemy Lines – Colombia as the film will be released 1/7 on DVD.

– MUN2 has added a ECW replay on Fridays at 10 PM.

– The New York Daily News has a small mention of Vince McMahon today, apparently where he was recently “spotted.” Here’s what it says: “WWE honcho Vince McMahon in an “uber-tight T-shirt” eying a pretty lass in a Florida airport so hard, she got up and left.”