WWE RAW Results – December 29, 2008

– Tonight’s WWE RAW kicks off with the usual opening video as the pyro explode in the arena and Michael Cole welcomes us to the last RAW of 2008.

– Rey Mysterio is in the ring with a microphone. He says last week he was seconds away from hitting the 619 on JBL and getting into the contender’s match when Shawn Michaels took that away from him. We cut to a clip. Rey says he understands HBK has fallen on hard times, but now they have a problem. Rey calls HBK out to the ring.

HBK’s music hits and out he comes to the ring. Rey tells him despite his job with JBL, he knows HBK is a good person. Rey tells HBK to be honorable and face him one-on-one right now with the winner going onto the 4-way later tonight. HBK says he accepts and Rey thanks him. JBL comes out to the ramp with a mic in his hand.

JBL says HBK’s answer is no and since he works for him now, the only match he will be competing in is the Fatal Four-way tonight, the same match he is competing in. JBL asks Shawn to leave the ring, now. HBK walks away from the ring as Rey tries to get him to stay. Rey keeps trying to persuade HBK until Mike Knox attacks him in the ring. JBL backs Rey up the ramp and follows him as Knox continues beating on Rey in the ring. John Cena eventually rushes the ring and sends Knox flying to the floor to a huge pop. Cena stands with Rey in the ring as Knox exits through the crowd. We go to commercial.

– Backstage and Randy Orton is backstage with Manu, Cody Rhodes and Sim Snuka. Orton says The Legacy will be bigger than DX, the Horsemen, Evolution and others so he will not tolerate losers. Orton says all three of them have singles matches tonight and if they lose, they’re out. Cody Rhodes is up first.

Cody Rhodes vs.  CM Punk

Cody comes to the ring and awaits his opponent. Out next is CM Punk, who taunts Cody as he enters the ring. As Punk enters the ring, William Regal comes to ringside with Layla and takes a seat to scout the match. They announce the match with Punk for next week’s show. Punk and Cody lock up and run the ropes with shoulders.

Punk and Cody trade 2 counts early on. Punk kicks Cody in the back and covers him for a 1 count. Cody with a 1 count of his own. Punk with a dropkick off the ropes and another 2 count. They trade kicks to the gut and Cody lays Punk out and gets a 2 count. They trade pins again as Regal looks on.

More close calls as Cody takes Punk to the mat. Punk fights to his feet and drops Cody with a big kick. Punk climbs to the top and nails the cross body but Cody flips over and gets a 2 count on Punk.  Cody ends up on the apron and Punk kicks him in the head, sending him to the floor. Punk dives through the ropes at Cody but hits his face first on the announcer’s table. That looked nasty. They kick and punch each other on the floor as the referee counts. Punk nails the high knee on the outside. Regal distracts Punk as Cody hits the ring at the 9 count and Punk gets counted out.

Winner by countout: Cody Rhodes

Punk is pissed after the match and he brings Cody back in the ring to work him over. William Regal comes in the ring and attacks Punk from the side with a knee to the face. Layla brings Regal his IC Title and he kisses it before they leave together and Punk lays in the ring.

– Backstage John Cena is with Stephanie McMahon. She says she has Cena doing commentary on the Fatal Four-way match tonight. Cena mocks her and says that’s lame. Cena tries some lame impersonation and it doesn’t get over.  Cena says it’s the final RAW of 2008, let’s do something crazy. Cena tells her to make a big match with him, Mike Knox, Rey Mysterio and whoever, do something big. Cena says some other stuff before walking off as Stephanie ponders the idea.

– Up next is the WWE Divas Battle Royal as we go back to commercial.

– Back from commercial and Goldust is in a Santa hat with Christmas music playing in a pre-taped video. Goldust says he had presents for the WWE Superstars. Stunners for Austin, pajamas for Umaga, a boggle for Hornswoggle, something for Eve, a new picture of Vickie for Edge, Monopoly for Triple H, a party for Jeff Hardy and some other stuff for other people. He says Cody wanted a bike but he took his present and gave it to Dad, Dusty.

– We cut to a clip of Randy Orton kicking Batista in the head on RAW a few weeks back. Cole and Lawler talks about the injury and the surgery on the injury he suffered in the SummerSlam match with John Cena. We cut to a clip of Batista at the doctor for surgery last Friday.

Race to the Rumble Divas Battle Royal

Kelly Kelly comes to the ring first followed by Melina, Mickie James and a commercial break. Back from commercial and Jillian, Katie Lea and Candice are in the ring. Santino is on the mic introducing Beth Phoenix. Santino and Beth join Lawler and Cole for commentary as Rosa Mendes is seen in the crowd again. The winner of this match will face Beth at the Royal Rumble.

It’s Diva chaos as soon as the bell rings and Candice Michelle gets eliminated early, falling on her head. Kelly works over Jillian on the mat as Melina tries to throw Katie over. Kelly tries to help but gets dumped on the floor by Jillian. Katie and Jillian try to eliminate Melina but Mickie James comes over and dumps both of them out. It’s Mickie and Melina now.

Mickie and Melina lock up and go back and forth. They separate and lock up again. Mickie gets knocked to the apron but hangs on. They fight on the apron until Melina knocks Mickie to the floor to get the win.

Winner and new #1 contender: Melina

After the match, Beth Phoenix comes in the ring and slaps Melina, then tosses her to the floor. They fight on the outside until Melina is beating on Beth on top of the announcers table. Rosa Mendes comes over from the audience and pulls Melina off, screaming at her. Security escorts Rosa through the crowd and presumably out of the building as Santino and Beth look on confused.

– Todd Grisham is backstage with Superstar of the Year, Chris Jericho. Jericho has the WWE Magazine where he points out he was also voted as Jerk of the Year. Jericho insults the fans, saying they will make New Year’s Resolutions and break them days later. Jericho says he has been right about what he has said he will do and tonight he will win the main event and go on to win the World Title again. Jericho says if they want to see the jerk of the year, look into a mirror.

– Cole plugs the main event tonight on RAW as we go back to commercial break.

Sim Snuka vs. Super Haas Charlie Snuka

Back from commercial and Sim Snuka is waiting in the ring. The music and video plays for Snuka’s dad Superfly but it’s Charlie Haas! The bell rings and Sim unleashes on Haas and gets a 2 count. Haas fights back with some Snuka mannerisms but gets decked back to the mat. Snuka chokes Haas on the mat.

Haas hits the headbutt and chops but Snuka lands a big knee to the gut for a 2 count on Haas. Chin lock now by Snuka.  Haas fights to his feet but gets dropped by an elbow. Snuka with a 2 count and a round of fists to the head. Snuka drops a knee on Haas and locks him in a submission hold on the mat.

Haas fights back again with the cross body and other Snuka moves. Haas puts on the wig again and climbs the top rope for the big Superfly splash. Sim puts his knees up and Haas lands hard. Snuka with a big dropkick for the pinfall and the win.

Winner: Sim Snuka

– Backstage we see John Cena and Rey Mysterio walking to the ring. Lawler says Stephanie has made a 10-man tag team match for tonight’s show. We go to commercial.

John Cena, Rey Mysterio, Kofi Kingston and Cryme Tyme vs. Kane, John Morrison, The Miz, Dolph Ziggler and Mike Knox

Back from commercial and the World Champion John Cena comes to the ring first for this 10 man tag team match. Out next is Rey Mysterio followed by Kofi Kingston and then Cryme Tyme. Out next is Kane, the World Tag Team Champions John Morrison & The Miz, Dolph Ziggler and Mike Knox.

Dolph and JTG start out. Dolph extends his hand but JTG brings him off the ropes and gets a 2 count early. Shad is tagged in and they double team Dolph. Shad throws Dolph in the corner but misses a big running splash. Morrison comes in but gets dropped by Shad.  Kofi comes in and they double team Morrison. Elbow drop by Kofi. Morrison hits a knee but Kofi catches him in the air with a big arm drag move, a dropkick and big forearm. All 10 men come in the ring at the same time and square off. The referee tries to regain control as we go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Miz has Kofi on the mat. They get to their feet and Miz drops him again, taunting the other team. Kofi pulls Miz to the mat with a head scissors and tags in Mysterio. Rey runs the ropes, kicks Miz in the head and takes him down with a scissors. Miz runs into Rey’s boot in the corner. Rey nails a hurrancanrana from the rop and decks Mike Knox. 2 count by Mysterio. Another big kick by Rey. He ends up on Miz’s shoulders and Kane decks Rey. 2 count by Miz. Kane is tagged in now and grabs Rey, throwing him into the corner. Big back breaker by Kane as he tags in Knox.

Knox stomps and throws around Rey before tagging in Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler stomps away at Rey as well. Dolph locks on a big headlock on Rey.  Dolph keeps the big headlock applied and wears Rey down to the mat. Rey gets to his feet but Dolph lays him out with a big clothesline and tags in Morrison for some double teaming. Morrison mounts Rey and nails him with forearm shots. Big uppercut by Morrison. Morrison takes Rey to the top but Rey holds on and fights Morrison off. Rey turns it into a hurrancanrana from behind, sending Morrison flying. Knox is tagged back in but Rey ducks his attack. Rey tags in Cena who unleashes with rights and lefts on Knox. Big shoulder by Cena followed by another. Miz and Morrison come in but Cryme Tyme fight them to the outside. Kane grabs Cena but Kofi makes the save. Dolph comes in and Cena drops him. Cena and Kofi stand tall as Cena hits the Five Knuckle Shuffle on Knox and Kofi lands the Boom Boom Boom on Dolph at the same time. Kofi kicks Dolph to the outside. Cena hits the FU on Knox and points at Mysterio.

Rey comes flying off the top rope, landing on Mike Knox to get the pinfall and the win as the crowd explodes. All 5 Superstars celebrate in the ring as we go to replays.

Winners: John Cena, Rey Mysterio, Cryme Tyme and Kofi Kingston

– We cut backstage where Shawn Michaels is watching RAW on the monitor. Todd Grisham walks in and asks Shawn about the Fatal Four-way tonight. HBK says he’s Mr. WrestleMania and when it comes to WrestleMania, he’s concerned about one thing and that’s stealing the show. HBK walks off as we get ready for another commercial break.

– Back from commercial and Kelly Kelly is talking to someone, saying how much their time together meant but why was he dodging her. The camera pans and it’s Randy Orton. Orton says it wasn’t how she sees it and he used her. He says with the World Title on the line, he doesn’t have time for her in the way.

Manu vs. ECW Champion Matt Hardy

Manu is waiting in the ring for his opponent as ECW Champion Matt Hardy comes out to a nice pop. Manu looks a bit worried.  Manu locks up with a side headlock and Matt fights him into the ropes. Big shoulder by Manu and a quick 1 count. Side headlock by Manu on Hardy now.

Manu drops Hardy again and gets a 2 count. Big bodyslam by Manu for another 2 count. Manu locks on another headlock as Hardy fights to his feet. Hardy nails right hands and ducks a clothesline. Hardy kicks Manu in the chin and dumps him over the top to the floor. Hardy with a double dropkick through the ropes to knock Manu back. Hardy brings Manu back in the ring and drops two elbow drops for a 2 count.

Hardy gets another 2 count on Manu. Back on his feet Manu lifts Hardy and drops his neck over the ropes, getting another 2 count. Manu starts stomping Hardy and hits him with a headbutt. A big running headbutt gets Manu another 2 count.  Manu locks on a weak sleeper hold and takes Hardy back to the mat. Another 2 count by Manu. Manu bodyslams Hardy again and goes for a springboard moonsault but Hardy rolled out of the way. That was kind of impressive by Manu. Hardy with a lariat and a big forearm for a 2 count.

Hardy hits the Side Effect for another 2 count. The crowd is dead and this one is just dragging on. Manu rolls Hardy up from behind for yet another 2 count. Manu dodges the Twist of Fate but runs into a forearm. Hardy with the double ax handle off the top. Manu hits a big swinging neck breaker for a 2 count.  More 2 counts happen. Borefest here. Manu hits a splash in the corner and another. Hardy counters a move and hits the Twist of Fate for the pinfall and the win. Manu is now out of The Legacy.

Winner: Matt Hardy

Race to the Rumble Fatal Four-way: Randy Orton vs. JBL vs. Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Jericho

Back from a quick commercial break and Randy Orton is the first man out for tonight’s main event to crown a new #1 contender for John Cena. Oton slowly stalks the ring, taking his time getting there.

Out next is Shawn Michaels to a mixed reaction. Shawn stops and it looks like he says a prayer before his pyro hits.  Out next is Chris Jericho followed by JBL. The white limousine pulls into the arena as JBL steps out and heads to the ring. The bell rings and we get ready to go. Michaels and Jericho start the match off. HBK goes over to JBL and they talk. Jericho attacks from the back and HBK rolls him for a 2 count. Another near fall. Jericho with a big hip toss. HBK with a series of arm drags and Jericho goes to the floor to regroup as we go to commercial.

Back from break and Orton has Jericho in a side headlock. Orton drops him but ends up getting hit by a dropkick. Jericho works on Orton in the corner now. Orton runs into Jericho’s boot but powerslams Jericho for a 2 count. Orton starts stomping on Jericho and dropping knees. Jericho sends Orton to the floor. Orton comes back in and lays Jericho down with a big clothesline and tags in Shawn Michaels. HBK nails big chops in the corners on Jericho, going from corner to corner. Jericho launches HBK into the other corner sending him to the mat. Jericho starts stomping on HBK now. Jericho battles HBK on the top turnbuckle and goes for the superplex but HBK headbutts him to the mat. HBK nails the big elbow drop from the top and gets ready for Sweet Chin Music. JBL tags himself in but misses the Clothesline from Hell on Jericho. Codebreaker by Jericho for a 2 count.

Jericho locks the Walls of Jericho on JBL but HBK tags himself in. HBK nails the Sweet Chin Music on Jericho and pins him. Jericho is eliminated. It’s now Orton and HBK in the ring. We go back to commercial break.

Back from commercial and JBL has a sleeper hold locked on Randy Orton.  JBL keeps it locked as he wears Orton down to the mat. Orton hits a back drop on JBL, breaking the hold. JBL nails a big boot, drops an elbow and gets a 2 count on Orton. JBL keeps beating Orton to the mat. The crowd starts chanting “RKO” as JBL unloads right hands to Orton’s head and knocks him to the mat in the corner. HBK just looks on with a somber look on his face. 2 county JBL after a clothesline. JBL keeps stomping on Orton.

JBL throws Orton in the corner and runs into a big boot. The crowd pops as Orton fights JBL off with a series of big right hands. JBL decks Orton, sending both men to the mat. 2 count by JBL. More right hands by JBL stagger Orton. Orton dropkicks JBL as he comes off the ropes and starts stomping on his limbs.  Orton goes for the punt kick but JBL tags in HBK. Backbreaker by Orton on HBK. 2 count by Orton. Orton kicks at HBK in the gut. Orton starts stomping HBK on the mat now. Orton stalks HBK but HBK counters the RKO and sends Orton to the mat.

Orton and HBK trade right hands in the ring. HBK with a crossbody and inverted atomic drop. Right hand and scoop slam by HBK. HBK climbs to the top and hits the big elbow drop. HBK gets ready for Sweet Chin Music and nails Orton with it. HBK covers Orton to eliminate him. JBL comes in and they stop as HBK was ready to superkick again and saw JBL so he stopped. They look at each other.

A good amount of time goes by as HBK and JBL just look at each other in the ring. JBL points at the mat and HBK gets this sad look on his face as the crowd starts to boo.  HBK asks JBL not to make him do that. JBL points at the mat again and tells Shawn to lay down. HBK drops to one knee to get down but stands back up. He pleads with JBL as the crowd chants HBK. JBL argues with him. The crowd starts booing again as HBK looks pitiful and lays down, only to stand right back up. HBK says he can’t do it. HBK stands there and asks JBL to lay him out. JBL nails a big clothesline and pins Shawn for the win and the shot at John Cena.

Winner and new #1 contender: JBL

RAW goes off the air with JBL heading to the back as Shawn Michaels sits up in the ring with a sad, pitiful look on his face.





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