Update on SmackDown’s Eve Wrestling, Kelly Kelly Speaks

– SmackDown backstage announcer Eve Torres is still training to be a wrestler in Florida Championship Wrestling. She has been doing so for a few months actually, but still has yet to be used regularly in a wrestling capacity in WWE. A few months ago, she appeared in a backstage segment with Vickie Guerrero telling her how much she wanted to be a wrestler on SmackDown. Her feelings in the segment mirror her real-life sentiments, as she really wants to be used as a wrestler in WWE, as opposed to a mere backstage announcer. However, Torres still has a lot to improve on, reports the Wrestling Observer. At this stage, practically every wrestling move she does looks pretty bad. She did not get a good review for her work in a Divas tag match on the 12/12 FCW TV show featuring her, Tiffany & Nikki Bella vs. Alicia Fox, Milena Roucka & Wesley Holiday.

– WWE Magazine has an interview with Kelly Kelly and she responds to people who say she doesn’t belong in a wrestling ring.

Does it grind your gears when people pigeonhole Kelly Kelly as nothing more than a buxom blonde with no place in a WWE ring?

“It pisses me off. I’ve been training since the day I was hired, and I’ve paid dues every step of the way. I moved to Kentucky to train in OVW, then to Tampa to continue training in FCW and now I’ve finally gotten the chance to show people what I can do.”