The Latest Updates on Candice Michelle and Gail Kim

– In case you haven’t noticed, Candice Michelle hasn’t wrestled on RAW in over a month. Her last in-ring appearance took place on 11/24 in a six-diva tag match. She’s made subsequent appearances since then, but nothing too important. It’s also interesting to note that she’s wrestled in a grand total of two singles matches on television since her return from injury at the start of September. It would appear that her push ended at the No Mercy pay-per-view following her loss to WWE Women’s Champion Beth Phoenix. Since then, all of the focus has been taken off of her, and she’s only been used in a wrestling capacity as a throw-in for Diva tag matches.

Candice posted a blog on the WWE Universe site talking about her standing in the organization, and apparently hinting that she lost her passion somewhere along the way — which she has since found again.

“RAW has the new me to look forward to at the new year!” Candice wrote. “I have found that fire and passion again, and without that you’ve lost the fight even before it has begun!” She acknowledges her rough past year, but is looking forward to the new year so she can come back and become one of the top Divas again. “Everyone knows I’ve had a journey and even coming back has been a new chapter of learning for me!” Candice wrote. “I’ve gone back to my roots of having ‘faith.’ It’s hard to get over in the WWE but it’s even harder to get back over again!”

– Forthcoming WWE Diva Gail Kim has posted a blog on her MySpace talking about the holiday season and her big plans for 2009. “The new year is just around the corner and Im really excited for it to come,” Kim wrote. “I intend to have a year just like the last if not better!”





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