Royal Rumble Update, WWE Drops Another Gimmick, More

– SmackDown wrestler Ryan Braddock’s “Elvis” gimmick has apparently been dropped already. At last week’s Florida Championship Wrestling taping, he was back to his gimmick of wearing a skull cap & black vest. He still has the black hair and sideburns though. Braddock lost to Joe Hennig in a singles match. In other FCW news, Goldust appeared at last week’s show. He beat Mike Kruel. The show also featured Beth Phoenix’s number one fan Rosa Mendez and non-callup Hade Vansen in action.

– Some of the Royal Rumble participants will be announced this Monday on RAW. The TV Guide preview for Monday’s show reads: “New, HD, (TV-PG,V), “Royal Rumble” participants are announced. (Pro Wrestling), (V=Moderate Violence).”

– The Winnipeg Sun interviewed both Edge and Chris Jericho for a story posted yesterday. Edge talked about the kind of money he was making at the start of his career. “Six of us would hop in a Jeep Cherokee to get to the shows Even if it broke down, we had to get to the show,” Edge said. “At times, I was paying to work. My wrestling license would cost $75 and I’d get paid $35. If I came home with $100, I would think, ‘That’s okay. That’s cool.’ I didn’t assume I’d get rich. My biggest year before WWE was $12,000.” Jericho also talked about his roots. “If you’re from Wisconsin and you’re working in California, nobody cares. But if you’re working in Canada, anywhere from Moncton to Vancouver, they say, ‘Hey, you’re Canadian,'” Jericho said. “It’s Chris Jericho the Canadian, not Chris Jericho from Winnipeg. That’s the thing that’s really cool about Canadian fans.”





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  • Dimonte

    I don’t like wat Chris Jericho said about people from Wisconsin and nobody caring if you work in California. Because I’m form Wisconsin and I plan to one day live in California. He din’t need to say that just maybe because Americans don’t accept his non-wrestling ass!

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