Batista Has Surgery, DH Smith Note, Hornswoggle, More

– Batista’s surgery yesterday repairing a partial torn ligament in his hamstring was successful. He will begin physical therapy tomorrow, according to

– It was announced on last night’s edition of SmackDown that Kizarny will be making his debut on next week’s show. WWE has been running vignettes promoting his character for two and a half months.

– WWE will be holding a SmackDown house show on Friday, Jan. 16 at the Kolf Sports Center on the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh campus. Hornswoggle is from the area and he’s very excited to perform in front of his hometown crowd. The local paper has an article promoting the show, and it even features comments from Hornswoggle, who’s referred to by his real last name. “I’m very much looking forward to coming to Oshkosh,” Postl said. “I’m more than excited to be able to perform in front of my hometown crowd. Oshkosh is where I grew up and it’s a town that I still hold close.” He was unable to appear at last March’s show in Oshkosh due to John Bradshaw Layfield assaulting him in his hospital bed, which put him out of action as a result. The article notes that Hornswoggle will be teaming with Finlay to take on Mark Henry and Tony Atlas.

– SmackDown wrestler DH Smith, who hasn’t appeared on television since May, is today’s Superstar of the Day on