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WWE Superstar Rips Top Wrestler, Andre’s Book, More

Posted by Marc Middleton in WWE News
Friday, December 26th, 2008

– The promotional material for the forthcoming WWE biography on Andre the Giant, Andre the Giant: A Legendary Life, has been released. The book is scheduled to be released on Tuesday, January 6, 2009. Among those interviewed for the book are , , referee Tim White, Bobby Heenan, , , , Stan Hansen, Jack Brisco, Betty Skaaland, John Laurinaitis, Don Muraco, Howard Finkel, , One Man Gang, Ernie Ladd, Blackjack Lanza, , , Terry Funk, Bruce Prichard, Jake Roberts and .

– On the Christmas Eve “Around the Net” countdown on G4’s Attack of the Show, the vs. “Santa Haas” match on the 12/15 RAW made the No. 5 spot.

– The latest issue of Pro Wrestling Illustrated (featuring on the cover) has an article asking if Ring of Honor wrestler Bryan Danielson deserves all the hype he gets considering that a number of fans call him “The Best In The World.” However, some fans and wrestling insiders believe it’s ridiculous to slap Danielson with “The Best In The World” tag considering that he has little experience in the world’s biggest promotions. The article features an apparent quote from a WWE headliner ripping Danielson, who spoke to PWI on the condition of anonymity. Here is what was written in the article as it pertains to WWE:

“Best in the world? Give me a break. What, really, has he done?” wondered one WWE headliner and powerbroker who spoke under the condition of anonymity. “It takes more than just coming up with a few fancy submission holds to earn that kind of praise. Until he makes it to the big leagues, calling him ‘best in the world’ is an absolute joke.”

As harsh as those words may sound, they reflect a sentiment shared by others in the wrestling world that think Danielson’s hype is nothing more than just that – hype. They say that while Danielson’s unique offense may wow hardcore fans of independent wrestling shows, his lack of knowledge of how to actually “work” holds him back from making steps towards the next phase of his career. And, they say, while his fans may be quick to dismiss some of Danielson’s limitations as superficial — including his size and look — others say criticisms of Danielson’s lack of major league star power are legitimate.

While our WWE main eventer refused to be named in this story, many fans thought WWE champion had the “Dragon” in mind when he made these comments in an August interview with The Ottawa Sun. “If you go to the Internet, there’s always somebody saying ‘this guy is the best wrestler in the world’ … But it’s not about what they like. It’s what the masses like. These guys they’re talking about are wrestling in front of 50 people, not 20,000. And that’s because the masses don’t want to see them.”

It should be noted that quotes from wrestlers relating to storylines in Pro Wrestling Illustrated are almost always fake. However, on-the-record quotes in the magazine offering personal opinions from wrestlers are usually legit. Although, this one has the “anonymous” tag on it, so it’s hard if to tell if it’s real in this case.


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