Update on Kane’s DVD, Racy Lyrics for a Diva’s New Theme Song

– In its first week out, the three-disc DVD-set on Kane, The Twisted, Disturbed Life Of Kane, finished in second place on Billboard’s Video Sales – Recreational Sports DVD chart. The DVD on the 2008 World Series featuring the Philadelphia Phillies vs. Tampa Bay Rays beat out the Kane DVD for the top spot. Apparently in light of Jeff Hardy’s title win at Armageddon, there was renewed interest in the Twist Of Fate: The Matt & Jeff Hardy Story DVD set. The DVD made its return to the chart after several months at No. 7. WWE DVD releases on Eddie Guerrero (No. 4), Hell in the Cell (No. 5), and the history of the Intercontinental Championship (No. 6) also ranked on the chart.

– As reported earlier, WWE’s next theme music compilation album, Voices: WWE The Music, Vol. 9, is scheduled to be released in just one month on Tuesday, January 27, 2009. SmackDown Diva Maryse’s theme song, Pourquoi? (actually not called Ooh Oui), will be one of the songs featured in WWE’s album release. Reader GoofyGreekGuy has uncovered the French to English translation to the lyrics of the song, and they are quite startling considering that WWE tries to put on a “PG” about-face to the public. Here are the shocking lyrics to Maryse’s theme song when translated in English:

Why? Why?
Why are you so beautiful?
Why are you moving like this?
Why are you hurting me?
I’m feeling naked
Oh yes!
Why are you doing all this?
Why are you telling all this?
Why are you hurting me?
Oh yes, oh yes!

Please be near me
I need you
I want to be “inside” of you
Oh yes!
I need to be “inside” of you
Oh yes!

Just to point out, the “ooh oui” portion of the song means “oh yes”. The “I need to be “inside” of you” part comes on when you hear “J’ai besoin d’être l’intérieur de vous.”





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    eew. wouldnt that be a dudes p.o.v though?

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