Update on RAW’s Newest Diva, The Rock’s Upcoming Films, More

– The Rock will have a small role in a Clint Eastwood-directed movie on South Africa’s 1995 Rugby World Cup-winning team. The Rock will play the role of Jonah Lomu, a player from the “All Blacks” team. Speaking of Dwayne Johnson, he will face John Cena in movie theatres this year as “Race to Witch Mountain” opens March 13th, two weeks before WWE and Cena’s “12 Rounds.” The Rock has two other movies coming out in 2009, “Tooth Fairy” and “Planet 51.”

– As noted before, RAW’s new Diva Rosa Mendes is former WWE developmental Diva Milena Roucka. In an interesting note, there were two times in 2007 where she was set to be brought up to SmackDown. One plan had her coming in as a sexy representative from the CW Network. The storyline would have led to a romance with Batista, eventually turning into a love triangle and a feud with another Superstar. Another idea had her coming in as an agent for MVP. If you remember, WWE were always teasing MVP on the phone with his agent. JBL tried to push Ron Simmons for the same role and Simmons was supposed to b the payoff. Vince actually liked JBL’s idea more, but Michael Hayes didn’t like it and eventually got his way. This eventually led to Brian Gewirtz coming up with the “Damn” gimmick for Simmons.

– World Heavyweight Champion John Cena was recently interviewed on the Who’s Slamming Who show by his father, John Cena, Sr. Cena said he was pissed off more than anyone else when he went down with injury at SummerSlam earlier this year. Cena gave props to Kevin Dunn and WWE’s production crew, saying they can make something as simple as a guy coming back from injury as epic as his return was. Cena also talked about his relationship with Ric Flair, saying: “He’s a very good friend of mine,” Cena said. “Just a great guy who taught me a lot about this business.” Cena was also asked about Mike Bell, the brother of Chris Bell, who recently passed away. Mike was featured in his brother Chris’ “Bigger, Stronger, Faster” documentary. “I know Mike personally real well. I know their family real well. This is a well-documented case of a kid who had a drug problem,” Cena said. “(He made a) personal choice to use not only performance-enhancing, but recreational drugs as well. That behavior can only go on so long before its repercussions. That gentleman had an addiction.”