The Latest on Ric Flair’s Plans, Fight at AAA Christmas Party

– There was a legitimate fight as the AAA promotion’s company Christmas party this past week in Mexico. Everyone got drunk and Teddy Hart started a food fight. Joe Lider nailed Elegido in the face with a big piece of bread and Lider blamed Hart, which got him some major heat. Elegido and Hart have been having problems in the ring as of late. Elegido then slapped Hart in the face and Jack Evans nailed Elegido, causing Elegido to hit him back. Evans started hitting Elegido in the face with knees until La Parka came from behind and sucker punched Evans. It turned into a wild brawl from there with lots of people fighting. Dorian Roldan made everyone involved gather in a room a few days later and made everyone shake hands.

– Ric Flair’s reality show is in the process of being pitched. There is an offer on the table for Flair to be the TV spokesperson for the new NWA TV show. Flair’s name would be used as the key selling point of the project. The deal would be for about 43 dates, both TV tapings and some house shows. Flair hasn’t accepted the offer yet as a lot depends on what happens with the reality show. Flair’s sons Reid and David will be going with him to Europe soon to work some tag matches with Ric as their manager. Flair has 17 bookings coming up as a corporate motivational speaker, working in a deal through Wal-Mart and Coca-Cola. This is the same deal that Coca-Cole pulled out of back when Flair got the media coverage for the incident with his daughter Ashley, where he received the black eye. A month after the news blew over, the two sides were back to negotiating the deal.