Ric Flair Working with Cena’s Father, WWE Title Belt News, More

– As noted earlier, the lawsuit against WWE and John Cena by rappers M.O.P. was dropped. There is nothing on record of a settlement from WWE so likely it was just dismissed altogether.

– Believe it or not, there are two different WWE Championship belts currently being used. The nicer belt used for SmackDown and pay-per-view events is brought in to the show and kept in top condition locked inside a case during the week. The belt that the title holder, currently Jeff Hardy, carries on the road with him has the diamonds covered in Plexiglas.

– Ric Flair will be appearing at the Big Time Wrestling show on March 28th in Danbury, CT. Reid Flair will be on the show in the main event with Ric in his corner against John Walters, who will have John Cena Sr. in his corner. Ric will then be appearing for Big Time on March 29th in Webster, MA signing autographs and Reid will be wrestling that night with Ric in his corner. Flair will continue appearing for Big Time Wrestling at a “Ric Flair Training Session” on the 29th in Webster. The session is limited to the first 50 working professionals who sign up at flairseminar.com. The first 25 participants will be charged $150 and the final 25 will be charged $200. The seminar will take place from 1-3PM that day before the show.