News on Odd Relationships in TNA, Possible Suicide Plans

– As noted before, TNA has talked about putting someone else behind the Suicide mask now that Kaz has been injured again. Two names being discussed to take over the role are Christopher Daniels and former WWE Superstar Paul London. The problem with Daniels is that they want him to return with the Fallen Angel gimmick and join TNA’s Frontline. Senshi’s (Low Ki) name has also been brought up but his commitments with New Japan Pro Wrestling wouldn’t let him be at all the TNA tapings. There’s a joke going around that now they can make Daniels into Suicide and have him lose the Feast or Fired match again next year.

– No word how true this is, but Dave Meltzer reports that in addition to Kaz and Traci Brooks being an item in TNA, other odd couples include Jeremy Borash and Diana Degarmo of American Idol as well as former WWE employee and current TNA employee David Sahadi and former Knockout Gail Kim. And are you ready for this? Word is that Kurt Angle is dating Knockout Rhaka Kahn, since splitting from Karen. I don’t know about Kurt and Kahn being together, but Kurt was ranting on Howard Stern recently how he loved black women.