Mick Foley Botches a Promo, ODB Notes, TNA’s Feast or Fired

– Internally, the “Feast or Fired” gimmick got lots of credit for the iMPACT on 12/4 drawing the record high audience. The gimmick will continue to become an annual tradition and TNA and likely will be pushed as a bigger deal next year. In the future, the plan is to make the briefcases more important in that the winner will have one year to collect their shot and can do it anytime they want, like WWE’s Money in the Bank.

– Mick Foley recently botched a line at one of the TNA iMPACT tapings so bad that he had to go back out and redo an entire promo before the crowd. No word yet which promo it was, but Foley came out and admitted he botched a line on the promo and would have to do it again. Foley asked the crowd to keep this our little secret and asked them to react the same as they did the first time.

– An interesting ODB note that isn’t brought up a lot if ever, she fought one MMA fight under her real name of Jessica Kresa back on August 8th, 2008. ODB lost the first round to an armbar by Kelly Kobold, the woman who lost to Gina Carano at EliteXC’s CBS show back in October. ODB also played college hockey at St. Cloud State University before getting into pro wrestling, eventually trying out for WWE’s Diva Search the same year Christy Hemme won it.