WWE Releases New SDVR Content, Tomko-WWE Update

– According to one source, Tomko’s injury is not as bad as is being reported on some websites. WWE requested that Tomko get an MRI last week and he did once he returned home. The MRI revealed a tear in the back of his deltoid. It could require surgery but for now he’ll just be doing rehab for the next 4-6 weeks. The pec injury that is being reported is said to be far fetched and not the case at all. That injury happened years ago during a match with Abyss. The deltoid tear happened during the early part of his dark match with WWE last week. Tomko made an in-ring ‘audible’ where they went to the finish of the match due to the injury. That is also the reason for a missed spot. Tomko and WWE officials talked after the match and they are well aware of the current injury and the rehab time needed. We’re receiving conflicting reports on Tomko and WWE, so stay tuned as we’ll keep you updated.

– WWE has released downloadable content pack for SmackDown vs. RAW 2009. The updated listing:

Download Pack 1

Available for Xbox LIVE Marketplace and PlayStation Network
Price: 400 Microsoft Points on Xbox LIVE, $4.99 on PlayStation Network

Evan Bourne – playable Superstar
Ted DiBiase Jr. – playable Superstar
Charlie Haas – playable Superstar
Chris Jericho – alternate attire

And on PlayStation Network, the pack will also include these exclusives:

Masked Kane – playable Superstar
Kelly Kelly – Christmas-themed attire
Maria – Christmas-themed attire
Edge – alternate attire
MVP – alternate attire