The Jey Files – Changes in 2009

What’s good and welcome to The Jey Files! I don’t know about you guys, but the thought of the year 2008 coming to an end just makes me scratch my head and wonder where this year even went! But now, we have to set our sites on the upcoming year and I know I am hype about seeing what’s going to happen next. So, lets talk a little bit about that this week as we go through what I would like to see change in the wrestling world next year!

Besides wanting to see Vince McMahon and Jeff Jarrett quit the business like most of the wrestling fans out there, there are a few things that I would want to see change in the upcoming year. I have said on many different occasions that Kennedy has fallen from his former grace and I am going to stay by that statement. He used to be so fun to watch when he would do his own announcing and announced his opponent, and now he is just kind of plain and dull. His entrance music has even become a little corny, I am just not feelin him right now. Maybe its because he hasn’t been doing anything lately except promote his movie. I really haven’t been feeling him since he came back as a face, I just really hope it changes in the upcoming year. CM Punk is another guy I don’t think they are promoting in the right light either. They have got to do something with him a little more important than fighting for the Intercontinental belt. I just really don’t see him as a mid-level card type guy anymore and why you would want to keep him in that type of situation with all the talent he has is beyond me. Its almost a mind blowing waste of time for him to be doing it because everyone knows he should be competing for the World Title instead and very few fans dispute that point. Kofi Kingston on the other hand is an Intercontinental type competitor, and he belongs in that category at this stage in his career but Punk has surely surpassed that. Something else Id like to see change is a little more brand separation in the shows like there was when they first came up with the idea to have brands in the first place. It really did feel like the brand separation meant something when Eric Bischoff was GM of RAW and Paul Heyman was GM of Smackdown, you rarely saw anyone from either brand on different shows until Royal Rumble time. Also, when keeping wrestlers on their own shows you save some air time on the shows for all the other wrestlers who you don’t get a lot of it and I know theres quite a few guys on the WWE roster who could use it very well. I know also that Sci-Fi pays a lot of cash for ECW and they want to keep that show on their channel, so why not try to make ECW two hours and get some more belts and a lot more spotlight? Now, I have heard that WWE is restarting their “Superstars” show that I used to watch on Saturdays when I was a kid. I think that is a great idea, but lets use it for mainly promoting guys who need some spotlight. It should be interesting on how they will do it with all three brands needing to be represented in just one hour.

In my own personal opinion, I think that WWE needs to just do a little house keeping in there roster and wipe some of these guys out who really wont go anywhere. Its hard to not respect Tommy Dreamer for his obvious love of ECW, and it almost seems like he wouldn’t be in WWE anymore if it wasnt for ECW still being a brand. However, the guy really needs to either somehow get a final push or just say hey, thanks for the memories and be gone. When he got jumped by Kozlov, I thought that was what he was going to do. Dont get me wrong, I love seeing a guy like Dreamers passion and its purely for the business not for the gold and its a rare thing but he is just taking it too far. Maybe its just me though, but it just seems like WWE is kind of cluttered at times with guys who really shouldn’t be there. Sure, the WWE needs jobbers, but guys like Jamie Noble and Paul Burchill for instance have talent but just haven’t ever done anything that is spectacular. Something else that has been on my mind is Jeff Hardy being WWE Champion. I don’t really know how I feel about it to be honest with you. I like the fact now both Hardy brothers have world title credibility under their belts. But it still remains to be seen if Jeff can top himself like his brother Matt has. Since Matt has gotten that ECW belt he has been working his ass off and I think its pretty obvious to see how bad he wants to leave something memorable behind in his title reign. It still remains to be seen if Jeff can do the same thing. Jeff kind of reminds me of Rob Van Dam in some ways. You know they both can do a lot of things that no normal person can do, but they do it almost every time you see them so it really isn’t anything new. But if there is anyone out there who can do something more, its Jeff because I don’t think anyone really saw this happening in the first place to a guy with his track record.

TNA has some real chances to do things a little different in the year 2009, but its up to them if they actually do it or not. I really want TNA to knock off their Saw like storylines where everything is so mixed up you can hardly keep up with what’s going on. The only difference is the Saw movies actually have an outcome that matters and makes sense. I mean come on, the Motorcity Machine Guns are in a group that are supposed to be against the Main Event Mafia, but haven’t fought any of the opposing stables members in a long time. Front Line is supposed to be aligned with Mick Foley and the Guns are always provoking Foley. It really just isnt convincing and not well done. As far as the writing goes…well, everyone knows that needs to be improved because its always been an issue. I mean Vince Russo still holds the spot for their writing staff, so can we all really be suprised? No. In addition to writing, they need to start pushing the right guys if only a little bit more than they have been. One of the guys I think they need to spotlight a little bit more is Sonjay Dutt, I think he is overlooked a lot and needs to get a push. He has a lot of talent and I think the could be a little more than what he is, his athletic ability and his in ring skills are better than a lot of the guys on the TNA roster. Something else I want to see out of TNA is for them to actually get there gimmicks in the places that they need to be. For example, if you want call Abyss a monster, that’s fine. If you want him to be someone that the wrestlers fear, that’s fine too. On the other hand, I don’t know to many monsters who get drunk and act silly with enemies. Kane is a wrestler who gets called a monster and it works because he rarely shows a human side of his character. On iMPACT last week, Abyss thought he hurt Sharmell and stopped to check on her. Not real monster like if you ask me and it really takes away from him.

Something that I ask of some of the fans out there for the year 2009, just please give TNA a watch if you haven’t paid attention to it yet. For the guys who say that TNA reminds them of the late days of WCW and that TNA should get rid of Angle and the other guys who keep a monopoly of the top spots, I AM RIGHT THERE WITH YOU. I know it seems like I might talk up TNA a lot, but when I started giving TNA a chance I just tried to look past the fact it really does look like an old WCW. But these guys that are holding on to their spots are reaching the end of their rope so I really don’t see them staying too much longer. Everyone knows Angle can only keep switching sides for so long before everyone gets totally bored with him, and most people are already at that point. What I am getting at though is just simply this, don’t over look the guys who are actually working there asses off. That’s honestly how I feel about them, I’m not riding their bandwagon like some have said, I just see a lot of talent in the newer guys they have and I hate to see them all go to waste because of the vets taking their spot. Trust me, I know how much it takes away from TNA having them constantly there in the spotlight, as I said before I am right there with you guys on that. I don’t think its right that Jeff Jarrett calls himself a 12 time champion when its extreme easy to be one when you own the company. So lets hope all that changes in 2009 because I really do think guys like Beer Money, LAX, Samoa Joe and AJ Styles are the real deal and I want to support them as much as possible.

On a personal note, something else Id like to ask from everyone is for more constructive criticism sent to me. My very fist column was posted on August 10th, 2008 and I’d like to think I have had a very good start for someone as green in writing as I am. Still, I am aware of my weaknesses the only way I can improve is for you to tell me what you think the biggest weaknesses I have really are. I am just a normal guy like all of you out there with the same passion for wrestling that you have and I love talking to you guys about the business. I know before I didn’t want any negative feed back, but I realize the only way for me to improve is to listen to you all and continue to work on my columns. And for all of you out there who have told me you enjoy my column each week, thank you for the support and I look forward to hearing more from you all through out 2009!

Anyway, that’s it for this week, for all those traveling this week, PLEASE be safe guys. And one last thing…its not Happy Holidays. It’s MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!


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