SPOILERS: WWE SmackDown Taping Results (12/26)

– Thanks to Jonathan Murphy for the following SmackDown spoilers for this week from Toronto:

In a dark match, Kizarny beat Zack Ryder.

Smackdown is up next.

The seats on the hard camera side are empty.

The show opened with a US Title match.  Shelton Benjamin beat Hurricane Helms in an awesome match.

Jeff Hardy cut a promo saying how he is going to beat The Big Show.  It was pretty intense.

HHH wanted Vladimir Kozlov.  Chavo Guerrero came out and said that if HHH interfered in another Kozlov match he would be out of the Royal Rumble and thus would lose any more title shots.  Vickie Guerrero came out and ordered a Chavo vs. HHH match. HHH beat Chavo.

Carlito, with Primo and the Bella Twins, beat The Brian Kendrick, with Ezekiel. Nothing special.

They did a video package for Umaga, who appears to finally be returning.

Maria is the special guest ref as Maryse beats Michelle McCool. Maryse took the belt and walked off with it. Michelle turned to Maria and beat the tar out of her. Maryse is smoking and no one cared about McCool.

The Great Khali beat MVP. Ugh. Khali has new music and is super over. MVP is a pure jobber now. Thank God, no Kiss Cam.

Mr. Kennedy came out while MVP was still laid out on the mat. He did a promo to plug his direct to DVD movie. This was so bad.

Kizarny is set to debut on Smackdown next week!

Kozlov destroyed Jimmy Wang Yang.

Jeff Hardy beat Big Show by count out in a pretty good match. Matt and Jeff celebrated together on the ramp to end the show.