Dreamer Thanks Fan, SmackDown News, Regal Speaks, More

– Tommy Dreamer has posted a new blog thanking fans for coming out to a recent autograph signing he and Layla did in Buffalo, New York. Dreamer claims 750 fans attended the signing. “The store was very pleased with the turnout and didn’t mind that we stayed an hour and a half later than advertised so everyone could get an autograph. It was freezing outside and if you came to see me I had to make sure I got a chance to meet you,” Dreamer wrote. Dreamer also talked about the differences between the old ECW and the new ECW. As you would imagine, Dreamer praises the old ECW, but then talks about why the new version is just as good. Dreamer wrote: “As a wrestling fan that I am I enjoy every program. Each show has something different to offer. If the new ECW wasn’t around the world would not have had a chance to see CM Punk, Kofi Kingston, Kelly Kelly, Mike Knoxx, Evan Bourne and I hate to admit it John Morrison and the Miz started in ECW as a tag team together. Matt Hardy won his first ever heavyweight title in ECW. ECW was a place for unknowns to become stars in the wrestling business and for veterans to show the world that they are still great with a change of scenery. So in that aspect ECW is exactly the same as it was.”

– The Sun has an interview with reigning WWE Intercontinental Champion William Regal and he critiques the wrestler who he won the title from, Santino Marella. Regal feels Marella hasn’t grown in the ring as he should have by now. “I think what he does, the entertainment aspect of it, is brilliant,” Regal said. “I try and help him a lot because obviously his wrestling is not where it should be – but he can get there. He’s been thrown in the deep end straight out of wrestling school and he does a great job at what he does. I think he’s got a great future but you can only get by doing so much comedy.” Regal said CM Punk is one of the few quality opponents who can work at his pace in the ring. “The vicious stuff I’m doing now is the way I like to wrestle, unfortunately there are not too many people – and this may sound very arrogant – who can keep up with me. Very few,” Regal said. “I’m looking to people like C.M. Punk and people like that to step up. The only ones who can keep up with me are of that style.”

– The Associated Press published an article yesterday talking about MyNetworkTV’s surprising ratings success as they have beaten The CW in the ratings three weeks in a row, something that would have been considered unthinkable just two years ago. WWE is credited for the station’s turnaround. The article noted the following: “Professional wrestling is the turnaround’s chief driver. The CW used to air World Wrestling Entertainment matches, but let them go because wrestling clashed with its strategy of appealing primarily to the young women who obsess over “Gossip Girl.” My Network picked it up and the Friday night package is the network’s most popular program of the week.”