WWE Tribute to the Troops Report – 12/20/2008

WWE Tribute to the Troops Report – 12/20/2008
Taped in Iraq
Report by Larry Csonka

-We get a video package of various celebrities that have entertained the troops for the last 60-years.

-A pre-recorded message from President George W. Bush is played live to the troops in attendance, as he says he appreciates the troops and the effort WWE has made to entertain the troops.

-Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler are doing commentary, from the WWE studios.

-Morrison and the Miz STILL are in SLO MO in Iraq! JBL enters in a HUMMER, Kevlar and cowboy hat on top of the helmet. Tremendous.

Jeff Hardy, CM Punk and R-Truth vs. JBL, John Morrison and The Miz

Truth and Morrison to begin, they lock up and knees by Morrison. To the corner and rights by Morrison. The ref backs him off and Morrison with a whip, counter, back flip and split into the leg lariat by Truth. An arm drag and then Morrison is tossed to the floor. JBL in and takes Truth down. Jeff dropkicks JBL to the floor, PLANCHAS by Punk and Jeff to wipe out the heels! The faces then celebrate in the ring, as we head to a commercial @ 1:30.

We are back from commercial @ 4:00 as Miz gets the corner clothesline on Punk, and then covers for 2. Chinlock by Miz, Punk escapes, tag to Morrison and he cuts off Punk. Morrison salutes, shoots Punk off the ropes, counter and a snap slam by Punk. Both men are down and looking for the tag. Jeff gets the tag and he wipes out JBL and Morrison. Clothesline to Miz, leg drop to the balls and then a corner clothesline. Corner dropkick by Jeff, and that gets a cover for 2. To the corner, back elbow by Jeff, whisper in the wind connects! He gets 2 as Morrison breaks that up. Punk flies in and wipes him out. Mule kick to Miz, but JBL is in and levels Jeff. Truth is in to stop him, takes Miz to the floor and JBL with a big boot to Jeff. Off the ropes, misses the clothesline from hell, TWIST OF FATE ON JBL! Jeff up top…SWANTON~! 1…2…3!

Winners: Jeff Hardy, CM Punk and R-Truth @ 8:00 via pin

-Hardy, Punk and Truth celebrate their victory.

-We get a video package of the WWE Stars meeting with the troops.

-Still to come is Rey Mysterio, Batista and John Cena vs. Randy Orton, Big Show and Chris Jericho.

Lillian announces that TWO SANTAS are here, here to wish us a CRYME TYME CHRISTMAS! Shad and JTG come to the ring in their Santa outfits and do their thing. Yo. They play the crowd and say that it isn’t a Cryme Tyme Christmas without Santa’s Helpers. ENTER DIVAS! Kelly, Mickie, Eve, Alicia and Maria all make their way to the ring in some sweet outfits and begin handing out gifts to the troops.

-We get another video for the troops.

-After a commercial, we get another video package, this time discussing the troops that have passed away and the progress that has been made in Iraq compared to when they were there last.

-Randy Orton, The Big Show and Chris Jericho make their way to the ring.

-After a commercial Rey Mysterio, Batista and John Cena all make their way to the ring. Rey does some crowd diving, because he’s Rey.

Rey Mysterio, Batista and John Cena vs. Randy Orton, The Big Show and Chris Jericho

Orton and Batista to begin. Lock up and to the corner they go, rights by Orton and then a whip to the corner. A reversal and clothesline by Batista. Batista bomb try, Orton nails him in the knee and a tag to Jericho. Jericho eats down Jericho, off the ropes but runs into the Bossman slam. Rey tags in, seated senton to Jericho. Off the ropes and a tilt a whirl head scissors. The 619 is stopped by Show, who catches Rey and then slams him to the floor. We head to a commercial @ 2:00.

We are back from commercial (after another video package) @ 6:00 with Jericho beating down Rey. Jericho stops a tag attempt, Rey dives for a tag but Jericho slams him to a corner. Jericho then slaps Rey in the back of the head, rights to Rey and then a whip. Rey gets the boot up, rolls and then Show catches him and head butts him down. Show says Jericho is slow when Jericho tries to claim that Rey is too fast. Jericho slaps Show, BIG MISTAKE BRUDDAH! CHOKESLAM to Jericho! HEAD BUTT to Orton! Show says fuck this shit and bails on his team. He’s rather proud of himself as well. Rey gets the tag to Cena, flying shoulder block to Orton. PROTO BOMB! The 5-Knuckle Shuffle follows. Fu try, Jericho stops that and Batista is in with a clothesline for Jericho. 3.0 back breaker by Orton to Batista. He stalks Cena…RKO countered and Orton collides with Jericho. They fall over the ropes, double 619 by Rey! Batista Bomb on Jericho, FU on Orton and they get the double cover for the victory.

Winners: Rey Mysterio, Batista and John Cena @ 10:00 via double pin

-Rey, Batista and Cena all celebrate.

-We get a closing video package, wrapping up the entire trip.