The Dog Pound – All I Want For Christmas

Jeff Hardy is the WWE Champion!! I’m sorry I just felt like getting that right out in the open. Unless you’ve been living under a rock somewhere (or are still one of the unlucky people in the North East without power) than you know by now that Jeff Hardy did the impossible at Armageddon, winning the WWE Championship! So, rather than discuss that topic, which has already been done to death by online editorials, I wanted to focus this column on what I want from the world of professional wrestling this Christmas and into the new year.

First however, I do want to congratulate Jeff Hardy on winning the gold. It has most definetly been a long time coming and I only wish Jeff the best most prosperous run with the title that he may achieve. Sure the man has made his mistakes, and the WWE is really putting a lot of faith in giving the title to him. Hopefully hardy has truly learned from these mistakes and is ready to bring his game to the next level, I cannot imagine the consequences should he fail now. Once again, congrats to Hardy, for we are truly witnessing poetry in motion!

Now, what is it you want for Christmas? Honestly, as a wrestling fan, what do you want to see this holiday and into the following year? There are a number of things I wish to see and here is just some of them; forgive me if I jump around.

I wish for John Morrison to break away from tag team competition and get another shot at a singles run. I’ve been saying for years that this guy is a true break out waiting to happen, and judging by his matches, I believe he’s ready. No one can argue that he truly was the standout in the MITB match at ‘Mania 24.

I wish for an injury-free year for Mr. Kennedy. This is a guy who has been set-up to be huge time and time again, and each time he’s about to go for broke, something happens. I can easily see Kennedy main eventing PPV’s, and hopefully going into 2009, we’ll see what this guy truly can do.

A wish to focus more on the WRESTLING aspect of things. I think Smackdowna and ECW have gotten this point down, but something is lacking. Stop being so tight-gripped on the style of wrestling and just let these guys (and gals) go out there and do their thing. Look at what they’ve done with Evan Bourne. In actuality they haven’t changed him that much, and the guy is OVER!

A wish for some of the unnecessary rules by the WWE to end. The “WWE Universe” instead of fans? All programming to have a PG rating? Banned moves from the top rope? Less and less hardcore matches? Come on, Mick Foley didn’t get his nickname by just talking a brutal game.

Pushes for guys who deserve pushes, not just who seems to be the most marketable. Now I know that this is a buisness and businessses number one goal is to make money. However, if the investors in your business (ala the fans) are not happy with the way things are going, they are increasingly more likely to end the relationship. CM Punk deserves more than what has happened to him. MVP needs to win sometime. Has Charlie Haas not paid enough dues already? What happened to the hype surrounding R-Truth, Cryme Tyme, and the ressurected “The” Brian Kendrick?

A wish for WWE programming to stop revolving around two people (Batista and John Cena). Yes these guys sell but they get stale very quickly. Am I the only person who thought it was wrong to have Cena win the belt from Jericho right away? Whatever happened to having to fight your way back up the ranks? Batista needs a heel turn. Freshen this man’s character up already. If they’re not going to turn Cena, than please, PLEASE do something with big Dave.

And finally, a wish for TNA to take a step back and have a nice, long, hard look at what the hell they’re doing. The booking within their promotion needs some serious help. Although Vince Russo may not be the brightest bulb when it comes to booking a wrestling company, I refuse to believe it is entirely his fault. There is Dixie Carter to blame as well. Hell, even Jeff Jarret himself is responsible. I mean, they have some of the worst booked championship runs I’ve ever seen. Samoa Joe turned into a joke; Abyss suffered the same.

The sad thing is, TNA has the roster to be an incredible company and perhaps a legit threat to the WWE. However, they fail to recognize what is “was” that made them unique and innovative in the first place. The X-Division is no more, and any new, ex-WWE name gets the push right off the bat. Quite sad really.

So, what do you want for Christmas? Don’t be shy, but I ain’t gonna be having you sit on my lap!


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