News on the Batista/WWE Fan Incident, Trish Stratus, More

– Former WWE Diva Trish Stratus has a blog talking about reaching her goal of the fans raising $5,000 for the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Overall, $5,325 was raised.”Combining the online contributions with the funds we received at the holiday party at Stratusphere (as well as funds sent via the mail to the studio) the Heart and Stroke Foundation called me with a great birthday surprise – needless to say they were absolutely thrilled at the official number following the event (and actually quite shocked that we raised that much in just under 2 weeks – which I do concur is amazing!),” Stratus wrote. “You guys, we totally rock – I’m so proud of the job we did! Thank you to everyone who contributed – doesn’t feel good to know you are helping to make a difference? Again, I do concur (favorite new word of the day)!” Stratus also talks about the outpouring of support for her birthday, meeting fans at her Stratusphere yoga studio last night, and more.

– As noted, it was Trish Stratus’ birthday yesterday. The former WWE Women’s Champion turned 33 years old. It was also the birthdays of Rob Van Dam (38) and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin (44).

– WWE Hall of Famer The Iron Sheik is expected to be at Monday’s RAW in Toronto. However, Sheik is not expected to be used on camera, as he is being flown out to the show by a company along with several other guests who will watch the show in a corporate box.

– As noted earlier this week, reader Derek Greser sent a letter talking about his friend being escorted out of the building by arena security at Sunday’s Armageddon pay-per-view because he made a hand gesture to Batista while he was making his entrance for his match with Randy Orton. It got a lot of attention online, so much so that WWE was aware of it too when Greser contacted their Fan Relations department on Wednesday afternoon. In an update on the situation, he could not go into details, but WWE has addressed the issue and made things right for them. Apparently fans were e-mailing WWE in large numbers about the story.