Marcus Cor Von Update, WWE Notes on Foley and Thorn

– Former WWE and TNA wrestler Marcus Cor Von is now living in Detroit, running his own fitness center. He has little to no interest in returning to the wrestling business.

– No clue what this means, if anything, but as of this writing Mick Foley’s profile and photos have been added back to WWE’s Alumni section on their website. Also, Kevin Thorn has been added to the ECW roster page again.

Thorn’s updated bio reads like this: Arguably the most mysterious ECW Superstar, Kevin Thorn has taken ECW by its throat. The leviathan has modified his former look, but is fiercer than ever. Savagely brutalizing the opponents he essentially towers over, Thorn has stalked his Land of the Extreme prey and has secured a position as one of the most feared individuals in ECW. No longer taking a proverbial bite out of the brand, Thorn is still dangerous, still venomous and still a threat to anyone he encounters.

Thorn hasn’t wrestled on ECW TV since December of 2007 but has been working in WWE developmental lately and has worked a few dark matches in 2008. Thorn has been posting cryptic blogs on the WWE website over the past few months hinting at making a return with some kind of stable or group with him.

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