Major ECW Main Event Edit, HBK Notes, Cade Update, More

– Lance Cade broke his silence on on his departure from World Wrestling Entertainment in an interview with World Wrestling Insanity this past week. If you recall, SmackDown play-by-play man Jim Ross told the world on his blog that the former WWE Tag Team Champion was released after having a “seizure” during a flight. Cade commented on J.R.’s blog post during the interview. “Well, as far as the release goes, I’m going to flat out admit there’s no one else to blame for what happened but Lance Cade. And there’s only one person who has to deal with that right now and that’s Lance Cade. Even more important than Lance Cade is his family. So, you know, what happened was my mistake, Cade said. “I wasn’t so much upset that, they could have just released me and not said anything. You know what I mean? But J.R.’s cryptic blog, it surprised me a little bit. I wasn’t happy about it. But, J.R.’s got a job. He’s gotta do what he’s gotta do. I understand there had to be some business reason behind it, so I saw it the next day, I put it in the back of my head, you know?” Cade wants the fans to know that he takes responsibility for what happened that led to his release. “If I were WWE, I would have fired me too,” Cade said. However, he wanted fans to know that he never once received a Wellness Violation – even for marijuana – which he believes is a silly reason for a violation anyway. Cade said his record was clean until the day he was let go. To listen to the interview in its entirety, visit

– Former WCW/WWF star Mr. Hughes is promoting shows featuring students of his wrestling school every Wednesday night in Atlanta, Georgia at 375 Commerce Drive. The building is located behind Club Wax Strip Club and admission is free.

– The ending of last night’s ECW main event had to be edited due to a miscue on the part of Ricky Ortiz. He had to do the springboard off the top rope two times because he fell into the ring following the first attempt. Following the miscue, Jack Swagger got a two count for his finisher, then Ortiz tried the move again. Swagger blocked it, did his finisher, and pinned him.

– Shawn Michaels is scheduled to make a pair of rare autograph signing appearances at the end of the month. He’s scheduled to appear in Levittown, Pennsylvania on Saturday, December 27. He will be appearing the next day at New York Sportsworld from 1-3 in the Westfield Sunrise Mall.