Miz and Morrison Speak on Their Finishers, Benoit, Troops, More

Thanks to Sam for this recap of Tag Team Champions John Morrison and The Miz on 98 Rock this morning in Baltimore, MD:

-Morrison said he was inspired by The Rockers, and then they both say they were inspired by The Rock and some famous tag teams like Demolition, LOD, and a few others. Miz did a really good Hawk impression with the “What a rush” line.

-The local sports guy asked the what they always get asked by little kids. Their answer was “Where’s John Cena?” Then Miz told a great story about how when he gets asked that, he takes whatever the kid has to autograph and rips it up until they ask for his autograph. Probably not true, but good story for a heel to talk about.

-One of the DJs is a big wrestling fan and told the guys that he read the Chris Benoit book, after his death, so I’m assuming he meant “Ring of Hell”. Miz and Morrison obviously broke character and got real serious and towed the company line real well about it being a tragedy.

-They plugged the upcoming Tribute to the Troops and talked about how special it is to give back to the troops.

-They talked about finishing moves. Miz explained what the Reality Check is, and then said Morrison’s is the Moonlight Drive. One of the DJ’s said she has that on her IPod. Morrison said that his springboard kick, though it hasn’t been officially named, he likes to call it the “Flying Chuck” for Chuck Norris.