SPOILERS: ECW On Sci-Fi Tapings Results (12/16)

Thanks to WrestleNewz.com reader Jeni Carson for these live results:

– Part of the arena is tarped off.

– A WrestleMania package is shown to start off

Dark Match:
Warren Bradden (I think that was his name, someone else said Lawrence Knight) defeated Funaki. Lots of “Naki” chants in this match. New guy gets the win with his finisher.

– We get a promo for SmackDown vs. RAW 2009 as ECW gets ready to start taping.

ECW on Sci-Fi, Airing Tonight:

– Matt Hardy defeated Chavo Guerrero in an ECW Championship match. Matt won with the Twist of Fate.

– Finlay defeated Gavin Spears. Hornswoggle jumps up on the announce table, puts his hat on Matt Striker and steals a Slammy. We see a scene from Armageddon and the Belfast Brawl. Hornswoggle also threw a drink on Striker.

– Another video from Armageddon is shown. Lots of Hardy chants.

– A backstage segment starts off with Alicia Fox and DJ Gabriel dancing and ends with Mark Henry as Santa Claus and Tony Atlas as Rudolph.

– Another backstage with CM Punk, Kofi Kingston, Ricky Ortiz and Tiffany. Ricky gives Tiffany a Christmas present and it’s a rally towel. Punk pokes fun at them.

– John Morrison, The Miz and Jack Swagger defeated CM Punk, Kofi Kingston and Ricky Ortiz when Swagger pinned Ortiz.