Matt Hardy Speaks on Jeff’s Big WWE Title Win and More

– WWE’s website has a poll asking who the biggest threat to Jeff Hardy’s newly won WWE Championship reign will be and one of the choices is Jeff himself.

– Matt Hardy posted the following on his MySpace regarding his brother’s WWE Championship win last night at Armageddon:

First and foremost, I want to congratulate my brother Jeff-I am SO proud of him for never giving up of never being detoured. Tonight history was made. Jeff and myself, as the Hardy Boyz, are one of the greatest, most legendary tag teams in the professional wrestling business. That can not be denied, regardless of how smart of a fan or critic you are. We broke barriers in Ladder Matches, Tables Matches, TLC Matches, and several other areas. We semi-main evented Wrestlemania, we did everything you could do as a tag team. At the risk of sounding overconfident, for the record, we have sold more merchandise than any tag team in the history of the business. That is a fact. We have the greatest fans in the world-they’ve made all these things happen.

When a great tag team splits, one member usually goes on to be great while the other one struggles. That’s not the case with us, nor ever will be. We are the first ever true blood brothers to go on to have extremely successful singles careers and both become World Heavyweight Champions. That has never been done in the WWE. Thanks again to all of our supporters and the people who have stuck with us through thick and thin. And I can promise you this-we’re just getting started on our singles success journey. Look at my default picture-a picture say a thousands words-this one is no different.

Jeff and I LOVE our diehard supporters, because without them, we would have never made it this far. And there’s NO ONE, regardless of how smart or sarcastic they are, that can put a dent in this amazing feat we’ve achieved. We’ve came quite a long ways from kids playing wrestlers on a trampoline and wrestling in the Southern Pines National Guard Armory for a couple bucks. We exemplify a living, breathing dream that people can believe in. No one can take away what two little country boys from rural Cameron, North Carolina have accomplished.

We wanna thank our Dad on Earth and our Mother in Heaven, I know she’s looking down on us with a smile on her face and pride in her soul. We wanna thank everyone who has believed and supported us, you’re more important to us than you could ever imagine. We wanna thank the critics and non-believers for driving us, hope you enjoy those negative words as you swallow them. We don’t care about star ratings, match reviews, or what people out of our circle think about our “pushes” and careers (That’s not a blanket statement directed towards everyone, some peeps “get” what we’re doing actually).. We most importantly care about satisfying our casual fans, giving back to the kids that are wrestling fans (which at one time was us), and being examples of success that people can be motivated by.

I love my brother more than you’ll ever know-and I have NEVER been more proud of him than I am right now. God bless you all, I can’t say thank you enough. Dreams do come true-Matt and Jeff Hardy are proof of that.

Matt Hardy
ECW World Heavyweight Champion

Jeff Hardy
WWE World Champion