The Latest on Kevin Thorn, ECW Match Disappoints, More

– Kevin Thorn, who disappeared off the face of WWE, returned at a recent Florida Championship Wrestling show. He appeared in his former vampire gimmick in ECW and has grown his hair back. When Thorn was last seen in ECW, he had gotten rid of the vampire gimmick to go for a more a generic look. He got rid of the vampire get-up, cut his hair short, and started wearing a singlet. In a recent blog on the WWE Universe site, Thorn ranted on WWE making him do away with the vampire gimmick. Thorn hasn’t appeared on WWE television since the December 6, 2007 edition of ECW, but has amazingly managed to evade the company’s many firing sprees this year.

– The hyped Finlay & Hornswoggle vs. Mark Henry & Tony Atlas main event match on this past week’s edition of ECW resulted in a 16.6 percent audience drop from the 12/2 show, which drew an audience of 1.77 million viewers. Last Tuesday’s show pulled in a lackluster 1.2 cable rating and was seen by an average audience of 1.52 million viewers.

– During the month of October, drew a disappointing 13.3 million unique visitors throughout the month. WWE has seen a steady decrease in website traffic over the past several months. Their online store processed 839 orders per day, which is up from the 800 it did in August.





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