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Whats up people, this is The Jey Files! This is going to be a simple one guys, I had to switch lap tops because the LCD screen on the one I had before busted and I gotta work on updating the new one. >:( So this week, I just wanted to cover this past week in wrestling and give my thoughts on it. But before I do, I got an e-mail on my Myspace account from the administrator of Shark Boy’s own Myspace page asking for permission to use my pictures from last weeks TNA house show! Be sure to check them out by going to my Myspace page,

Anyway, lets get on to the wrestling from the week. The Slammy Awards were okay I guess. I don’t think the Match of the Year should have went to HBK and Flair at all. Hands down the match of the year was The Undertaker and Edge’s Hell in a Cell match and I think you all agree with me on that one. The OMG Moment award was right on point, no one saw CM Punk cashing in his Money in the Bank like that. The Tag Team Award was on point, Miz and Morrison had that one wrapped up solidly. The one that I was kind of torn about was the Breakout Superstar award, I’m down with the fact that Kozlov won it but some of me thinks that Evan Borune should have taken it. The two pointless awards though were Best Musical performance and Best Impersonation. I mean, how many people do either of those things on a regular basis? Gimme a break. Overall, it was a pretty good show I thought and if they keep continuing it then id imagine it would start to be a big event. Maybe next year they should have a Superstar of the Year award that the fans could vote for. Well, no, maybe thats a bad idea since all the little kids and mindless females would all vote for John Cena. So I take that back.

ECW was pretty decent this week. I didn’t see Kozlov jumping Dreamer like that at all. The fact that they didn’t put the ECW title on the line when he faces Matt Hardy at Armageddon pretty much makes it obvious that Matt Hardy will lose to Kozlov. The match between Miz and Morrison facing off against Kung Fu Naki and Jimmy Wang Yang was damn good. I have been saying since I started writing columns that they need to spotlight the cruiser weights on ECW, and look how good it turned out! Speaking of Miz and Morrison, if you haven’t heard yet, Miz and Morrsion took the Tag Team belts from CM Punk and Kofi Kingston at a house show in Canada. A HOUSE SHOW. That happens about as often as Cena having a good match, ONCE A DECADE. So you know something big changed backstage. Even so, they couldn’t have given it to any tag team better in the WWE! The Boogeyman’s return match wasn’t as good as I hoped it would be, he really needs to work with guys better than him in ring skills to get his move set more in depth. Even so, its good to see him back.

TNA this week was probably the best show on this week, but not by a whole lot. The Feast or Fired thing was obvious when it came down to who they were going to fire. We all know they wont release LAX and they haven’t used Curry Man in how long now. So it wasn’t that suspenseful already knowing he would be the one gone. The James Storm and Abyss match was pretty good, I am really hype on Beer Money right now. By the way, I never really realized how big Matt Morgan is until he stood next to Abyss when they did their promo. Maybe I’m just oblivious at times but I really didn’t notice it. Anyway, I think that they need to cut down the members in some of these groups already. When AJ got jumped by the mafia, Alex Shelly and Chris Sabin came to his aid along with the rest of the Front Line. Last time I checked, the Guns hated AJ Styles. Besides, whens the last time they had anything to do with the fight with the Mafia? Since Sting isn’t willing to travel, I think he needs to go as well. Im hoping that since he walked away from Bubba getting jumped then maybe they have plans for him to leave the Mafia, and that’s perfectly fine with me. Sting is really the only one that I think needs to be dropped on the Mafia side, but the Front Line could lose Eric Young, Motorcity Machine Guns and ODB and they would be good.

On Smackdown, they have been doing something we all have missed. Apparently, there has been a decision backstage to see how many times you can ruin a main event with interference in one year. Damn it, why does WWE think an interference means anything at all? I’m so sick of seeing people ruin matches its not even funny. On top of that, MVP is going no where fast and its annoying to me. I really hope there is a point behind this because I hate the way they are playing him like this. I really didn’t enjoy Smackdown at all this week, there wasn’t anything real impressing at all. Unless you enjoy watching matches that you already know the outcome of, then it was a great show.

Just real quick, here’s a fast review of what I think the results will be for tonight’s Armageddon PPV:

-Rey Mysterio vs CM Punk – Punk wins
-Finlay vs. Mark Henry – Finlay wins
-Matt Hardy vs. Kozlov – Kozlov wins
-Batista vs. Randy Orton – Orton wins
-Edge vs. Triple H vs. Jeff Hardy for WWE Championship – Hardy wins
– Chris Jericho vs. John Cena for Wolrd Title – Cena wins

Thats it people, get at me!
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