WWE Armageddon Results – December 14, 2008

– World Tag Team Champions The Miz & John Morrison beat Jesse & Festus prior to tonight’s Armageddon pay-per-view from the HSBC Arena in Buffalo, New York.

WWE Armageddon Opener:

The pyros explode and we’re live from the HSBC Arena in Buffalo, New York. Jim Ross gives us the formal introduction to the final pay-per-view of 2008.

Matt Hardy vs. Vladimir Kozlov

The following match is a non-title match. ECW Champion Matt Hardy comes out first with the ECW title belt around his waist. They cut to a clip from SmackDown, setting up the match.

The bell rings and this non-title match is underway. Matt Hardy tries to land some early blows, both of their hands up in a fighting stance. Kozlov backs Hardy down into the corner, the ECW Champion fights out. The crowd is heavily behind Hardy. Hardy misses on a kick. He goes for another, Kozlov blocks and takes him to the corner. Kozlov buries his head in Hardy’s midsection. Hardy counters and ends up getting Kozlov in a roll-up for a brief second. He gets another off another counter for a two count.

Kozlov starts to mount offense as he throws Hardy thorough the ropes, head first into the steel ring post. Kozlov applies a submission hold on Hardy in the middle of the ring. Hardy gets back to a vertical base but Kozlov sends him back to the mat.

They’re really trying to get Kozlov over, Striker just saw that he is Matt Hardy’s hardest opponent over. Kozlov has Hardy in another submission hold in the middle of the ring. Hardy counters with kicks. Kozlov gets Hardy up and slams him back to the mat. Pin attempt by Kozlov, two count.

Another submission hold by Kozlov but Hardy counters. Hard right hands from Hardy, they don’t have much effect. Kozlov starts to headbutt Hardy in his chest. Hardy hits the mat, Kozlov gets a two count. Another submission hold from Kozlov.

Arm lock from Kozlov, Hardy fights back at a vertical base. When Hardy tries to counter, Kozlov takes him down and gets another two count. Kozlov is working the left arm of Hardy.

Loud chants for Matt Hardy, Kozlov wrenches back on the submission. Hardy finally makes it to the ropes to break the hold. Hardy mounts offense on the ring apron. He buries his head into Kozlov’s midsection and goes off the top rope with a double axe handle. Hardy finally throws Kozlov out of the ring. Hardy jumps to the outside, Kozlov catches him. Hardy counters and starts to slam Kozlov into the steel ring post. Hardy puts Kozlov back in the ring, he goes for the Side Effect, he connects for a two count.

Matt Hardy’s left arm is bleeding from a cut sustained from Kozloz. Hardy sets up Twist of Fate, Kozlov counters out. Kozlov counters again and gets a two count on Hardy. Small package roll-up from Hardy onto Kozlov, not enough as Kozlov kicks out. Hardy backs Kozlov into the corner and pounds at his face. Kozlov counters and slams Hardy’s head off the top of the ring post.

Kozlov slams Matt Hardy down with a sort of a chokeslam into a spinebuster and gets the three count.

Winner – Vladimir Kozlov


Backstage with Edge and Vickie Guerrero, they joke about Hardy getting beaten up by Kozlov. Chavo Guerrero is shown once Edge walks out of the room to get ready for his match. Chavo asks Vickie how Edge and Vickie do it? Vickie asks how do they do what? Chavo asks how they took out Jeff Hardy in the Boston hotel before Survivor Series. Vickie tells Chavo to stop asking and to go get her coffee with two sugars. Vickie says she’s sorry… two Slendids instead of sugar in the coffee.


Hornswoggle is shown flirting with Eve Torres as Finlay tells Hornswoggle to stay in the back during tonight’s Belfast Brawl.

Intercontinental Title
No. 1 Contender Tournament Finals
Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk

Back in the arena, Intercontinental Champion William Regal and Layla are introduced. They will be at ringside for the IC Number One Contenders Tournament finals. Rey Mysterio comes out first. Mysterio is wearing pink and black. Layla is holding the IC Title on the outside, William Regal is sitting in a seat beside her. Here comes CM Punk.

Michael Cole talks about last night’s World Tag Team Championship change. They show photos from the show in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

The bell rings and the match is underway. CM Punk extends his hand, they shake. Let’s hope this is a dandy, it should be. They lockup and Mysterio goes for the early advantage. Mysterio gets a quick roll-through pin for a quick one count. Punk takes Rey down and ties his legs up. Punk locks in a submission hold on Mysterio. Punk gets to his feet but Mysterio connects with a drop toe hold. Punk applies a wrist lock, Mysterio back on his feet. The crowd is DEAD.

Past paced combination of pins. Neither has gained an advantage as Mysterio hits another drop toe hold and goes for the 619. Punk counters with an arm drag. Punk goes for the GTS but Mysterio counters with an arm drag. Punk tosses Mysterio out of the ring. He’s at the feet of William Regal and Layla. Referee starts the count out.

Punk dives over the top rope onto Mysterio as Regal looks on. Punk rolls Mysterio back in the ring and goes for the cover for two. Punk hits a title to the world knee to the spine followed by a two count. Punk locks in a submission hold on Mysterio.

Punk breaks the hold and goes back on offense. Mysterio builds a counter and ends up on the apron. Mysterio goes to the top, Punk trips him. Mysterio in the tree of woe position, Punk hits him in the face. Punk runs at Mysterio, Mysterio counters with a knee. Moonsault off the top from Mysterio onto Punk. Two count.

Punk counters with a scoop slam as Rey goes off the ropes. Punk applies a submission hold on Mysterio’s wrist on the mat. Punk wrenches back on the hold as Mysterio goes for the ropes. Punk hooks in an STFU type hold and wrenches back. Mysterio finally makes it to the ropes. Mysterio builds an amazing counter and locks in an arm bar on Punk. The hold gets the crowd going as Punk does a great job selling. Punk gets to the ropes, breaking the hold.

Mysterio is on the apron working with Punk. He jumps off the top and hits a missile dropkick. The force sends Punk to the outside. Mysterio to the top rope, Punk on the outside. Suicide dive, Mysterio takes out Punk on the outside.

Punk is rolled back in by Rey. Mysterio goes off the top and hits more offense. Cross-body lateral press by Mysterio, he gets a two count on Punk. Mysterio rolls through for a pin, Punk rolls through for one of his own. Two near falls.

Punk drops Mysterio face first on the turnbuckle and connects on Mysterio with a knee to the jaw. Punk nearly got the three count as Regal thought that he did. Mysterio nearly stole the win off a counter and a roll-up. Punk gets back up and hits a kick. Punk charges at Rey but he sets him up for 619, he doesn’t connect. Punk goes for GTS but Rey counters out. Mysterio hits the 619! Splash off the top rope from Rey onto Punk.

Mysterio ends up getting a two count off the amazing offense. Mysterio ends up on Punk’s shoulders and Punk is able to hit Go To Sleep. CM Punk pins Mysterio and wins the tournament. He’ll go on to feud with William Regal for the IC Title.

Winner – CM Punk

Punk celebrates but checks on Rey. Rey’s nose is broken from the impact. Regal applauds Punk’s win from ringside as Rey makes his way to the back.


Jeff Hardy is shown in a dark room. Hardy is pushing the psychotic gimmick. Hardy says that everyone has tried to break him and tonight is a new era for Hardy and tonight he will answer all the questions. Hardy asks does Jeff Hardy has what it takes? Is Jeff Hardy willing to change? Hardy says he is who is he and will be WWE Champion.

In the Arena:

A video recapping Shawn Michaels/JBL is shown. We’re back in the arena as John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield makes his entrance in his limousine. JBL comes to the ring wearing a full suit and cowboy hat.

JBL says that he would like to introduce his newest employee… Shawn Michaels. Michaels comes out in street clothes.

Michaels gets on the mic and says that he is going to get right to it. Michaels says he is not immune to the bad economy. Michaels says that he is in a tough spot right now and he’s heard all the whispers. He says that despite being a WWE superstar and TV, he’s not rich. Michaels says like a lot of 20 year-olds, he spent money on everything (cars, for friends, etc.). Michaels says that he paid for all his surgeries himself. Michaels talks about his wife and having two children. HBK talks about how he had a financial adviser invest his money and Michaels talked about how much money he gave away. Michaels says he doesn’t know how much time that he has left…

There’s a long period of silence as Michaels talks about all of the people that depend on him. Michaels says that because of all of this… he took JBL up on his offer. Michaels says he doesn’t like JBL anymore than any people and that he is smug and a bully and he is reprehensible. Michaels says but the man is good financially and that is what he needs right now. Michaels vows to put his kids through college and safe his brother and sisters houses. Michaels starts to scream, saying that he doesn’t want to become a wrestling tragedy where he’s bagging groceries or wrestling in a high school gym…

Michaels says that this is something that he wants to do… this is something that he had to do. JBL extends his hand to Michaels, they shake. Lots of heat from the crowd, including ‘you sold out’ chants at Michaels. JBL gets out of the ring as Michaels looks dejected in the ring. The crowd continues to give him hell before he makes his way to the back with his head down.


Eve Torres is backstage with Randy Orton. She asks him what his strategy for tonight. Cody Rhodes interrupts and says that Batista isn’t on their level. Manu is standing by Rhodes. Rhodes puts over the stable as second and third generation workers. Manu says in other words… he’s been waiting for four years but this man is going to expose Batista for the fraud that he is. Manu says tonight Randy Orton segments his legacy. Orton says nothing as he walks away.

Belfast Brawl
Finlay vs. Mark Henry

The bell rings and this Belfast Brawl is underway. Finlay hits clubbing blows on Henry, they have little effect. The fight goes to the outside. Finlay starts to build momentum as he trips Henry, face first into the announce table. They work together on the outside, Henry bounces Finlay off the crowd control barrier.

Finlay gets on the ring apron and tries to take out Henry on the outside. Henry pulls his legs out from underneath him, causing Finlay to hit his head as he falls off the apron. Fight goes back to the ring. Henry goes off the ropes, he misses a splash. Kicks from Finlay to Henry.

Finlay throws two kendo sticks and a trash can in the ring from underneath. Atlas is just watching Finlay throws the stuff in the ring. Atlas connects a trash can lid shot Finlay. Finlay gets back in the ring, takes another from Henry into a trash can. Henry dominates Finlay in the ring.

Lots of heat on Henry but he’s taking a lot of time. Henry connects on a splashing maneuver where he goes to the outside. Henry pulls Finlay to the apron and says you wanted a fight… you got a fight. Henry gets a two count on Finlay.

Henry sends Finlay into the corner. Finlay counters with a trash can shot. Now it’s time for some kendo hit shots. Finlay hits a DDT on Henry on the mat. Finlay sets a trash can up to the head of Henry and kicks it. Finlay hits another trash can blow and gets a two count.

Henry starts to counter with headbutts. Henry kicks Finlay in the midsection and hits another headbutt. Henry get up for a Rikishi style splash. Henry misses, Finlay grabs the Shillelagh. He walks right into a boot from Mark Henry.

Mark Henry breaks Finlay’s Shillelagh in half. Finlay hits him with a kendo stick which does nothing but make Henry mad. He breaks the kendo stick and bear hugs Finlay. It’s Hornswoggle at ringside… Henry throws Finlay into him, Horny disappears under the ring. Atlas looks for him.

Henry wedges a trash can between him and Finlay in the corner, putting pressure on it. He beats Finlay with a trash can lid and then kicks away at him. Hard right hand from Henry, sends Finlay to the mat. Mark Henry throws a set of steel ring steps in the ring.

Henry goes for a blow with the trash can but Finlay counters with a dropkick. Hornswoggle throws him another Shillelagh. Finlay connects and gets the three count.

Winner – Finlay


Santa Haas handed out gifts to the WWE Divas. Santino Marella and Beth Phoenix entered the room. Santino showed off the Slammy that Beth won. Santino reached inside the big gift box. Boogeyman popped his head out of the box and delivered his catchphrase. Santino delivered a classic high pitched scream. He tried to leave through a door, but Goldust was waiting for him under the mistletoe. After Santino ran off, Goldust wished Boogey a Merry Christmas. They exchanged gifts. Jesse, Festus, and other wrestlers entered the room and they all sang, “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”…


Mr. Kennedy appeared on screen and pimped his Behind the Enemy Lines Columbia video…

– A video recapped Evolution and hyped the Batista vs. Randy Orton match…

Batista vs. Randy Orton

The bell rings and we’re underway. They lockup and struggle for the opening control. Batista backs Orton into the corner but Orton quickly backs him down. Another hard lockup as Orton gets a side headlock on Batista.

Batista uses his strength to counter and gets out. They circle on another and lockup again. Orton gets another side headlock. Standing switch as Orton hits a drop toehold. The crowd cheers for the opening sequence. They go for another lockup but Orton kicks Batista, another headlock from Orton. Batista throws him off the ropes and sends him to the mat. The referee backs Batista down, but Orton ends up sending Batista to the outside. Rhodes and Manu work over Batista on the outside with the referee distracted. The referee ejects them from ringside.

Manu and Rhodes go to the back. Batista and Orton work in the corner of the ring. Orton has control after the attack on the outside on Batista. Orton kicks Batista in the arm. Orton goes for a wrist lock, he applies it.

Batista powers out of a move from Orton and ends up clotheslining Orton in the corner, again in the other corner. Batista hits more offense and gets Orton up for the Batista Bomb, Orton counters at the top and hits a neckbreaker.

Orton lands a knee to Batista’s head and gets a cover for a two count. Orton is working the neck of Batista with a headlock. Orton has a vice-like grip on Batista. Batista counters with power as he hits a scoop slam. Orton is in the corner, Batista works the midsection of Orton. Batista goes off the ropes, he bends down and is kicked by Orton. Batista ends up throwing Orton to the outside as Orton grabs his shoulder. Lawler and Cole tease he may have re-injured his shoulder. Batista is on the apron, he ends up getting DDT’d to the inside. Orton gets a two count.

Orton works the knee of Batista. He begins to stomp away at The Animal. Orton drops another knee to the head of Batista. Orton rolls to the outside, he sets Batista’s head up on the apron and connects with a clubbing blow.

Orton beats Batista to the outside and gets back in the ring. Batista gets back in as Orton goes directly for the two count and near fall. Orton locks in a reverse chinlock on Batista in the ring.

Batista is able to get back to the vertical base, he gets out of the reverse chinlock. Orton re-applies the hold except this time he wraps his legs around Batista’s ribs. Orton wrenches back on the hold. Batista gets up with Orton his back. Batista backs Orton into the corners twice to break the reverse chinlock. Side slam from Batista to Orton. Both men are down in the ring.

They exchange right hands in the ring. Batista ends up clotheslining Orton in the corner. He picks Orton up, but Orton gets out. Orton walks into a huge clothesline. Batista clotheslines Orton out of the ring. Batista goes to the outside where he bounces Orton’s head off the ring apron. Batista rolls Orton back in.

Batista gets on the top rope, Orton starts to attack him. Batista is sitting on the top turnbuckle. Orton connects with a big superplex followed by a two count.

Batista whips Orton into the ropes, he hits a spinebuster, and gets a two count. Both attempt finishers and miss. They get tangled up off the ropes and Batista ends up taking out Orton and get a two count. Orton kicks Batista in the face and hits a combination backbreaker. Orton is stalking Batista for an RKO, he doesn’t get it. Slam by Batista in a counter, two count.

Orton hits a DDT on Batista along with other offense. Batista is setup for Orton’s kick but Batista counters and puts Orton into the ropes. Batista gets up on the middle rope and pounds Orton with right hands. Orton gets up with Batista on his shoulders but Batista counters and hits the Batista Bomb. Three count and Batista wins.

Winner – Batista

Santa’s Little Helper Match
Michelle McCool, Maria, Mickie James & Kelly Kelly vs. Victoria, Natalya, Jillian & Maryse

Mickie James, Kelly Kelly, Divas Champion Michelle McCool, and Maria on one team dressed as Santa’s Little Helpers. They heel divas come out – Victoria, Maryse, Natalya, and Jillian. They’re in green Santa Helper outfits, the babyfaces are in red.

Mickie James and Maryse starts things out. They go back and forth as Mickie smacks Maryse in the face. Maryse tags in Natalya – she lands some shots to Mickie’s face but Mickie counters and gets on top of her. Mickie smacks her and tags in Kelly Kelly.

Natalya takes down Kelly Kelly in the ring. She applies a wristlock on her. Kelly Kelly counters with an elbow and lands more offense. Natalya lifts Kelly Kelly up and puts her in the heel corner. The referee is distracted as she is attacked by the heels. Clothesline by Natalya for a two count. Natalya tags in Jillian.

Jillian gets a two count, lots of screaming in the ring. Scoop slam from Jillian on Kelly Kelly. Kelly Kelly tags in Maria. Maria works with Jillian in the ring, dead crowd. Maria goes for the cover but Victoria makes the save. The babyfaces knock the heels off the apron in retaliation to Victoria’s interference. It’s Michelle McCool and Jillian in the ring. Michelle hit her finisher and gets the three count on Jillian.

Winners – Kelly Kelly, Michelle McCool, Mickie James & Maria

After the match, The Great Khali comes out with his handler. They pass the heel divas on the ramp. Ranjin Singh asks the babyface Divas who wants a kiss from Khali. They pick Michelle McCool, she jumps out of the ring and leaves with the Divas Championship belt. Singh puts over Khali in front of the Divas, saying that he’s too much man for almost any woman. He says he has a backup plan. Mae Young comes out in a Santa’s Helper outfit. Young says this is the greatest high spot of her life. Khali picks Young up and makes out with him in the ring. Very long segment.

– Prince of Persia commercial just aired… We return back on pay-per-view with a shot of Chris Jericho in the locker room area. They go to a video recapping John Cena/Chris Jericho.

World Heavyweight Championship Match
Chris Jericho vs. John Cena

Cena and Jericho stare each other down and talk trash to one another before the bell rings. Mike Chioda calls for the opening bell and we’re underway. Jericho applies a headlock on Cena and ends up sending him to the mat. Jericho stomps at Cena’s neck. Jericho kicks Cena in the ribs.

Cena takes Jericho down as Jericho goes to the outside. Cena follows to the outside and rolls Jericho back in. Jericho goes back to work in the ring. Hard headbutts from Jericho as he pounds away at the World Champion in the corner with right hands.

Jericho pushes Cena, he counters with a clothesline. Jericho counters with a sleeper hold. Jericho is on Cena’s neck, Cena drops him but Jericho is still on Cena’s back with the sleeper applied. Cena drops down on the mat in the hold.

Out of nowhere Cena gets up and goes for the FU, Jericho counters out with a DDT. Jericho jumps off the ropes onto Cena on the apron. Cena catches him but Jericho ends up hitting a bulldog on Cena from the apron onto the steel ring steps.

Jericho put Cena back in the ring and got a two count. Jericho kicks Cena in the head then in the back of the neck. Back to the head again, sending him back down to the mat. Jericho locks a hold on Cena in the ropes. Jericho stands on the back of the neck of the World Champion.

Jericho applies another submission hold on Cena on the mat. Jericho misses on a spot in the corner as Cena goes on the attack with shoulder blocks. Cena slams Jericho to the mat and teases the five knuckle shuffle, he connects.

Cena goes for the FU but Jericho counters and goes for the Walls of Jericho. Cena counters with a belly-to-belly suplex and gets a two count. Jericho goes off the middle rope and hits a missile dropkick and gets a two count on the Champion. They exchange counters as Jericho ends up hitting the Lion Sault for a two count.

Jericho works over Cena in the corner. Jericho sets Cena up on the top turnbuckle. Jericho goes for the superplex, Cena counters out. Cena goes off with a flying leg drop. He gets a two count.

Cena teases the FU. He waits for Jericho to get back to his feet. Here it comes, Jericho uses elbows, they don’t work but Jericho still counters out and hits the Code Breaker. Two count for Jericho but he is furious at Mike Chioda. After arguing with the referee, Jericho is caught in the FU from Cena. Both men are down, Cena goes for the pin. Two count.

Double count out has started in the ring. Cena goes for offense on Jericho but he catches him in a small package roll-up. Cena kicks out and eventually goes for the STFU. Jericho avoids it somehow and ends up hooking in the Walls of Jericho (do you expect Superman to tap?)

Cena goes for the ropes, Jericho pulls him back to the middle of the ring. Somehow Jericho reversed the hold and broke it. Cena hooks in the STFU and Jericho taps immediately.

Winner & still World Heavyweight Champion – John Cena

WWE Championship
Triple Threat Match
Edge (c) vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Triple H

Triple H come out first… Jeff Hardy is out next followed by WWE Champion Edge. Justin Roberts does the formal in-ring introduction and we are ready to go!

Jeff Hardy is all over Edge as the bell rings. Triple H goes after Hardy but he takes Hunter down. Hardy takes out Edge then goes back to Hunter. Hardy has started the quickest as he sets Triple H and Edge up in the corner. He continues to throw them off one another in the corner then coast-to-coast.

Hardy flips Triple H over the ropes to the outside. He attempts a high spot but Edge takes him out in the ring. Edge runs at Hardy, he is tossed to the outside. Hardy leaps over the top rope onto Edge.

Hunter gives Jeff Hardy a clothesline. Hardy and Triple H go back and forth, Hunter sends Hardy into the crowd control barrier. Edge kicks Hunter in the face when he gets on the apron.

Triple H gets back in and eats right hands from Edge in the corner. Edge pulls him to the middle of the ring and gives him more right hands. Triple H retaliates with fist shots of his own. Edge whips Hunter off the ropes, gives him a boot, and gets a near fall.

Triple H connects with a high knee on Edge. Reverse neck breaker from Triple H onto the WWE Champion. Hunter works with Edge in the corner. Triple H goes for the Pedigree on Edge in the middle of the ring but Hardy in for the save. Hunter takes out Hardy.

Pedigree attempt on Edge, Hardy connects with Whisper in the Wind on both of his opponents. Jeff Hardy gets up first and goes for a pin on Edge, Triple H makes the save. The Game is taken out by Hardy. Hardy whipped into the corner by Edge. Hardy is down on the top turnbuckle, Edge gets up and locks in a suplex attempt. Triple H puts him on his shoulders in the electric chair position, Hardy goes off the top rope and connects on Edge. Two count for Hardy, Triple H makes the save.

Triple H goes for a pedigree on Hardy in a counter but Hardy counters and bounces Hunter’s head off the top turnbuckle. Double stomp from Hardy onto The Game in the corner. Edge takes out Hardy from behind. Two count for Edge on Hardy.

Jeff Hardy and Edge are standing. Edge goes for a spear on Hardy, he gets Triple H instead. Hardy clotheslines the WWE Champion to the outside. It’s Hardy and Hunter in the ring, Twist of Fate on Hunter. Hardy hits the Swanton. Cover and Edge pulls Hardy out of the ring.

Edge throws Jeff Hardy off the security wall on the outside. Edge bounces Hardy off the ECW announce table. No count out, no disqualification in a triple threat. Hardy counters and slams Edge’s head off the Raw announce table. Hardy throws Edge in the security wall.

Jeff Hardy takes off his shirt and tears apart the SmackDown announce table. Hardy smacks Edge’s head off the Raw announce table. The Cerebral Assassin takes out Jeff Hardy, bouncing his head off the steel ring steps. The announcers retreat as Hunter clears the Raw announce table of the monitors.

Triple H sets Jeff on the Raw announce table. Hunter stands above him teasing a Pedigree attempt. Hardy counters out but Edge ends up spearing Hardy through the SmackDown announce table.

Hunter is unscathed as he goes for the WWE Champion. Triple H rolls Edge back into the ring. Pedigree attempt from Hunter but Edge counters with a DDT.

Everyone’s down… Hardy on the outside, Edge and Hunter in the ring. Edge wants Hunter to get to his feet, Triple H hits a spinebuster. The Game hits the Pedigree on Edge, here comes the cover. Vladimir Kozlov comes out and yanks Triple H out of the ring.

Matt Hardy comes to get some retribution. Jeff Hardy is on the top rope but Kozlov dumps him to the outside. Matt Hardy works over Kozlov on the outside.

Edge is the only man in the ring. Hunter gets in but he eats a spear from the Rated R Superstar. 1… 2… NO!

Con-chair-to attempt by Edge but Jeff Hardy connects with a chair shot on the apron on the Champion. Hardy goes to the top, but Hunter knocks him off.

Hunter kicks Edge in the face and Pedigrees him. Hardy connects the Swanton Bomb out of nowhere, he gets the pinfall for the win!

Winner & NEW WWE Champion – Jeff Hardy

After the match, the new WWE Champion puts his belt around his waist and walks around the ring to celebrate with the fans. Hardy slaps hands with the fans as we cut to a replay. Hardy climbs to the top of the Armageddon stage at the entrance way and holds his WWE Title and claps as Armageddon goes off the air.





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